Nas And Lauryn Hill Save Hot 97 Summer Jam After Nicki Minaj Refuses To Show Over Rosenberg Diss!

Summer Jam

Things got ugly for a minute over at Hot 97’s Summer Jam Sunday, fortunately Nas and Lauryn Hill were in the building to save the day. Continue »

Lauryn Hill Gets Her ‘Twilight’ On [Video]

Guess it was just a matter of time. Watch Lauryn sing about being a “fearless vampire hunter” Continue »

Lawsuits: L-Boogie Sued By Stylist For Failing To Pay For Or Return European Tour Getups

Lauryn Hill

Now we know for sure Lauryn Hill is off her rocker… cuz who would even agree to PAY someone to make her look so crazy on stage? Continue »

Who’s The Greatest? Which Of These Black Female Vocalists Would You Crown Queen??

All of these ladies be SANGIN’, but who would you say is the cream of the crop?? Continue »