Quote of The Day: Spike Lee Is Talkin’ That Ish, Says The Knicks Are Gonna “Kick LeBron’s A**”

Spike Lee and son Jackson Lee cheer on the Knicks against the 76ers

Tonight, marks the first time that Lebron James and his two high-paid homies have made the trip to Madison Square Garden since they united to form the three-headed monster that is the Miami Heat. Continue »

Christmas Plays: Which Stars Remind Us Of Holiday Characters?

grinch christmas

If you’re in the Christmas spirit like we are, then you’re watching classic movies every day. While rummaging through our library of holiday flicks, we noticed that some of these characters were strikingly similar to celebrities we see every day. Continue »

Trina Celebrates Her Birthday At Liv In Miami And Guess Which Ex Popped Up To Show Some Love???

Trina's Birthday Party at Liv in Miami

Trina is still celebrating her birthday and it looks like she did it real big in Miami at Club Liv. Bron Bron made it a point to get out the house and get acquainted with the locals and so did his homie Chris Paul who was also in town with the Hornets to play the Heat. Trina, rocking a bunny suit with a modern spin to it, had a special guest come out and show some love… Continue »

The Naughty List: People Who Deserve Lumps Of Coal In Their Stockings

Sarah Palin Christmas

As we get closer to Christmas, the anticipation for Santa’s gifts are at a fever pitch. Continue »

Another Fly Miami Crib…Dayum This One Might Be Better Than Bron Bron’s

chris bosh miami home

LeBron James’ teammate Chris Bosh has a brand new home in Miami as well: Continue »

Lebron James Gets A New Crib In Miami; It’s Going Down When Savannah Leaves Town… “Champagne Wishes And Skanky ___ B*tches”!!!

Lebron James

According to The Miami Herald, Lebron James can finally call Miami his new home. With 6 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and a 3 car garage, Lebron James is now the proud owner of this $9 million dollar mansion located in Coconut Grove. We’re pretty sure Savannah is going to have fun getting this 12,000 sq ft house together but as soon as she steps away, word is…the boy will play!!! Hopefully he knows not to pull a Reggie Bush and bring the hoes home… Continue »

Dude, These Athletes Don’t Need A Stylist! Forbes List Best Dressed Jocks Of 2010

Well it’s the end of the year, so you already know there’s about to be “BEST So and So” lists galore, and Forbes just dropped their list of the most fashion-forward athletes… Continue »

Caption This

LeBron James Dwayne Wade Milwaukee Bucks Miami Heat

LeBron James says this is “By far one of the best sports pics I’ve seen taken!!” Continue »

Poor Thang

lebron james no shirt

Looks like Bron Bron has some haters:

Lebron James was heckled by Cleveland football fans while he was enjoying a celebratory dinner with his best friend and manager, Maverick Carter, at Myles Chefetz’s Prime Italian in Miami, Continue »

Bron Bron Strikes Back–Poor Cleveland!

LeBron James dusts off the Cavs in a win

After all the hype and extra-security LeBron James and the rest of the of his band of merry men made their way to Cleveland for a night of destruction!

Finally the match-up of the much-anticipated return of King James to his former kingdom is over! LeBron swept through his old team like a crack-head does at an all you can smoke buffet. The Miami Heat embarrassed the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 118-90 beatdown! In his first game since leaving the Cavaliers after seven years, LeBron showed his former fans what they grew accustomed to seeing during his stay. In a game that was super-hyped out of proportion, James answered all of his haters dropping 38 points on his old crew. The fans came out spewing hate from their eyes, but that didn’t matter to James, who relished in the moment. James ended up having 10 more points than Cleveland’s starting line-up. Basically, the Cavs suck and LeBron knew that thus his stage left exit to Miami!

The world can rest now that this game is over or until they meet again. It was a little sad for the fans of the Cavs who came out ready for a win and a chance to give Bron Bron the business. Well, they got neither one and were sent home in their “Queen James” and “Lyin’ King” t-shirts! Wasted money on those things folks! Maybe they will get another shot when LeBron takes his talent back to Cleveland in March. Good luck!!


Protect Ya Neck: King James And The Miami Heat Take Their Talents Back To Cleveland Tomorrow

Bron Bron better have eyes in the back of his head for tomorrow night for his first game back in Cleveland since his “decision” to leave his hometown for the warm weather and championship dreams in Miami. Continue »

The Bullsh*t Dream Team: D-Wade, Bron Bron, Bosh, & ‘Em Blame The Coach “He Doesn’t Let Us Be Ourselves”

dwyane wade, chris bosh, lebron james

Poor babies…let us pull out the violin:

ESPN has reported that the Miami Heat players are frustrated with coach Erik Spoelstra and are questioning whether he is fit to coach the team. Continue »

Lebron James Asked “What Should I Do?”, Michael Jordan Responds: Maybe It’s My Fault That You Think My Skills Was A God Given Talent…

Lebron James and Michael Jordan Nike Commercial

Nike released Lebron James new “JUST DO IT” commercial with him asking… “What Should I Do?” In the commercial, Lebron remineses on his high school days along with the choices that he has made to date; questioning what he thought was right vs what the public thought was wrong. He probably didn’t think he would get a response but… he did and from the leader of the pack, Michael Jordan, whether some folks (Kobe) like to admit it or not.

Take a Peek Continue »

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