Oprah’s Master Class With Lenny Kravitz: Addresses Lisa Bonet, Dad Being A Player, And Race Issues [Video]

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Happy Hanukkah: Did You Know These Black Celebs Have Jewish Roots?


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Celebrity Seeds: Marvin Gaye’s Son Is Against Biopic, Says He Hopes Lenny Kravitz Will Bow Out Of Film


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Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

Actor and musician Lenny Kravittz keeps warm with a very large scarf as he strolls through the streets of New York City, NY on November 23, 2012.

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Freaks! Saucy “Hunger Games” Actress Says Swirly BFF Zoe Kravitz Stripped Down In Front Of Her The First Time They Met

Zoe Kravitz Jennifer Lawrence

“Hunger Games” Star Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Seeing Zoe Kravitz With No Clothes On The First Time They Met In New Issue Of Rolling Stone

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