Jesus Take The Wheel

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Lil Kim was recently spotted at a club looking like she needs some prayer. Some mid-day plastic fug to go with your lunch. Enjoy.

Ray-J is an Attention-Whore

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Since collecting his $1 million for his infamous sex-tape with Kim Kardashian, Ray-J has been “trying” to increase his D-list celebrity status. It looks like he has moved on from Whitney Houston to Lil Kim. If only for the cameras. The two were spotted arriving together at the Vibe Magazine pre-Oscar party in LA. Click here to watch video.

Don’t Their Plastic Noses Look Alike?

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Did they go to the same plastic surgeon to get cut up? Someone tell Lil Kim to give those blue eyes back to Heidi Klum and that nose back to Michael Jackson. Vivica Fox and Lil Kim were spotted last night at the Babyphat fashion show after-party in NYC.

Fill in The Blank: Lil Kim

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Lil Kim attended the CW Press Tour party yesterday.

Earlier, she attended the CW Press Tour in Pasadena to discuss a new reality show which she will executive produce. The show is based on a search for a new Pussycat Doll.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Lil Kim is probably sad because______________________.

Snoop Dogg’s 35th Surprise Birthday Party: Gabrielle Union, Rick Ross, Nick Cannon

Snoop and actress Gabrielle Union throwing up the “W”.

Snoop with his highschool sweetheart Shante and Jaleel White AKA Urkel.

Lil John, Ice Cube, WC, and Rick Ross reppin Miami.

Nick Cannon sporting his new “suited up” and mature steez. Rare outing without his girl Kim Kardashian.

Snoop Dogg and Lil Kim Talk "Blue Carpet Treatment" in NYC

Snoop introduced his new album, The Blue Carpet Treatment last night in NYC.

Lil Kim: “After the event, why don’t you come to my crib and break me off something? Maybe eat my p$##y while I watch cartoons. Your baby hair is turning me on.”

Snoop: “Aint nothing but a thang Queenbizzle, Shantay is back is LA, I can soak you up real good. I just wanna know how many licks it takes…”

Video from the event. Spotted at Straightouttanyc

2006 VH1 Hip Hop Honors: Dishonorable FUBU Fashions

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Lil Kim: “Hollyweird turned me out, I am still trying to find the old cute Lil Kim”.

Starting to become routine for Lil Kim to look like a FUBU plastic surgery crackhead with some money. Someone help the poor girl before its too late. The Hip Hop Honors show will air October 17th on VH1.

“You brothas don’t know what your missin”. Ice-T needs to buy his ho some new gear quick, she is looking like a 5 dollar hooker from Tijuana. Nothing to show off there ICE but that fake rack. Coco and Ice-T arrive in Pimp-Ho style Saturday night.

Salt (middle) looking damn good. Spinderella and Pepa need some fashion tips or they may just be broke. “Jesus” looks to have really showed Salt (she is a big christian) the light and it shows. She is looking like she could pass for her late 20’s here and I repeat, very damn good!

Ice Cube with his wife Kimberly who looks great, very simple and classy.

To watch video of arrivals via our friends at TMZ, click here

“I have always wanted to be a guy, what the hell else can I do damn it, by the way, does this pink make me look a little feminine?” Da Brat looking like Da Brat.

Rema Ma looking busted and like she just came back from shopping on 125th street. Christmas is not until late December. I would have to question a persons sanity who walks out the crib or to a damn AWARDS show looking like this, all the while thinking they look fly.

“Beverly Poo” looking like she just grabbed a wig and an “outfit” from the Compton swapmeet. Damn, it seems almost everyone at the event was dressed a little early for Halloween.

Maino Explains How He Knocked Lil Cease Out

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Up and coming rapper Maino who has been called the “Future of Brooklyn” is coming out the gate spewing fire. A while back Maino had a run in with rapper Lil Cease and has no problems sharing all the details in this YouTube clip:

In an interview with All Hip Hop, he comments on his family-like relationship with Lil Kim and that he feels that Junior M.A.F.I.A. is “gay”. Not only did he throw down with Cease but he got into another altercation at T.I.’s birthday party with rapper Tragedy Khadafi. This erupted after Maino inquired about some owed money. Damn brotha, are you sure you’re in the right profession because you seem to be knocking them out. Hopefully your music can live up to the rest of the hype surrounding you and someone lil hood lookin for ghetto fame doesn’t body you.

TI Birthday Party in NYC

BG, Young Jeezy, Kevin Liles, and T.I Saturday night in Manhattan.

Vanessa Simmons (Run’s House) doing all the right things here while Angela Simmons rocks last year’s played out cowboy boots.

TI’s baby mama Tiny formerly of Xscape who looks like a brokedown candy stripper. Maino who scrapped with Lil Cease months back (over Lil Kim) with The Queen Bee.

Lil Kim’s Hardknock Life

For The Record (MTV)

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Lil’ Kim’s legal problems aren’t over yet — though the rapper is out of jail after serving 10 months on perjury charges, she’s now facing a copyright-infringement lawsuit. The suit, which also names Kim’s record label Atlantic and was filed last week in a New York federal court, claims that Kim stole her song “Durty” nearly word for word from a 1997 track by Jamaican reggae singer Tanya Stephens called “Mi and Mi God.” In response, Kim’s lawyer L. Londell McMillan claims the song wasn’t stolen, but interpolated, “which happens all the time in hip-hop.” Stephens claims in her suit that she was shocked to hear her words in Lil’ Kim’s song — even though Kim had flown her out to New York in 1999, asked her to sing on one of her albums, and sang “Mi and Mi God” to Stephens to demonstrate how much she liked her music. Kim counters, however, that Stephens never objected to the use of her song until after she failed to get more money for it being licensed. “This matter should have been resolved, but it appears to be another money and media play at Lil’ Kim’s expense,” her lawyer said. Stephens claims she should receive all past and future royalties on the song. …

Lil Kim Is Getting Her Life Together

Big biz is latest buzz for Lil’ Kim (New York Daily News)

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Since her release from prison Kim has been taking measures to get her life back on track. She has been traveling to her attorney Londell McMillan office, with the permission of her probation officer, to get her spiritual, personal, and business life together.

She has been trying to strike some business deals, find a new record label,and going through a “Harvard Business School-like training” so she can take charge of her future. You will be able to catch all this on the second season of Countdown to Lockdown. It’s good to see she is making strides to improve her life, GO KIM!!

Is Lil Kim Gay??

Lil Kim and I Were Friends In Prison (MediaTakeOut)

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Media Take Out got an exclusive with an inmate who stayed in the same prison with Kim, the woman claims they had a close relationship. The woman who is six foot tall and about two hundred pounds, became Kim’s Spanish tutor and the woman claims Kim loved when she spoke Spanish to her. Well sounds like this is more then a “friendship”, lets hope Kim didn’ t drift over to the side. I know lets play “How Many Licks” to her then maybe it will all come back to her.

Queen Bee Set Free

Queen Bee Free

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It seems Lil Kim will know the true meaning of Independence Day this year. According to Kim’s rep she will be ending her stay at the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center on Monday July 3 one day shy of the fourth. It’s good to know she’s getting set free we all miss seeing to much titty at our award shows. Welcome Back!!

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