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Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Act Like They Are Chopping In New “High School Musical” Music Video Trailer [Video]

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Shots Fired: Nas Talks About Lil Wayne Saying He’s The New Tupac “Hmmm…” [Video]

Does anybody remember Nas ever doing a song with Lil Wayne? Don’t worry… we’ll wait.

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SMH: Lil Wayne Near Death Experience & Seizures Taiwanese Animated [Video]

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Free Weezy: Lil Wayne Has Been Released From The Hospital With Doctors “Ok”

Lil Wayne

Welp, looks like Wayne is on his way home. His real home, not THAT “home”. Continue »

Update On Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Seizures With New Lil Wayne Tweets From Hospital Bed! [Video]

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Get Well: Lil Wayne Rushed To L.A. Hospital Earlier This Week For MULTIPLE Seizures!!


Still think those double-cups are cool, kids? Look at your hero… Continue »

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