Dude, Where is My Stylist? Oh, There He is Rockin the Sandals and Blonde-Do

LisaRaye and Elise Neal hit up celebrity stylist Joe Exclusive’s (pictured with the ladies) birthday party in LA last night.

SMH at dude’s get-up…check on the flippy for more images.

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*Bossip Exclusive* The Other-Other Woman: LisaRaye’s Ex Chopped Down This Reality Trick Plus Had Her Pregnant And Half-Naked in Pictures at the Mansion!

BOSSIP has exclusively found out the “other woman,”  besides Rocsi, responsible for the separation between Lisa Raye and Michael Misick, former Turks & Caico’s Premier.

A source sent exclusive pictures of this newly found reality skeezer at Lisa’s old mansion to BOSSIP, and here is how they tell us the ordeal went down:

“A few years ago this female was young and untainted, that is until Michael got her pregnant during her visit to his mansion. Michael impregnated Continue »

Chivalry Ain’t Dead!!

vernon white 171009

Old head Verdine White of Earth, Wind, and Fire did his good deed of the day by helping some random little old white lady into her car in Beverly Hills. Man, Verdine, it might be time to retire the weave, man purse, and the “young folks” gear. SMH.

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Lisa Raye Talks About her New Man


Lisa Raye talked about her publicity stunt relationship with Al Sharpton.

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Lisa Raye Comes for Vivica Fox and Star Jones on her Reality Show


According to Lisa Raye, Vivica Fox and Star Jones did her wrong and she’s going to put them on blast in her new reality show. Continue »

Al Sharpton is Choppin’ Down Lisa Raye and Hits Up WWE Wrestling RAW … GTFOH


Al Sharpton was the guest host on WWE Raw last night and was also seen on the scene holding onto Lisa Raye tighter than a rat-tail comb. Pop the hood for the details.

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Just When We Thought Lil Kim was Giving her Face a Break… SMH

Lil Kim

Lil Kim and her BFF Lisa Raye partied it up in Miami last night, at Bryant McKinniy’s birthday party, after a fun day at the beach. After seeing Kim with not as much make-up we gave her a break. As you know the freaks always come out at night.

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Lisa Raye and Kim Kickin’ it in Miami…. Lil’ Kim with NO MAKE-UP, Not a Total Betty But a Vast Improvement… Well Almost NO MAKE-UP

kim and Lisa

Lisa Raye and Lil Kim are chillin’ down in Miami jet skiing and ~ish. Lil Kim looks like she has NO MAKE-UP on!!! We have to admit she looks a little normal for once. Continue »

On the Come Up


Da Brat is being creative and productive with her time in prison by putting together an American Idol: Prison Edition talent show for her fellow inmates. Continue »

How Are YOU Decked Out In Pure White??


Lisa Raye was seen in Beverly Hills at a salon. Even though “white” is her “signature color” she is still one of those people who do not fit the bill for wearing white.

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*Quote of The Day* Jamie Foxx Endorses Gold Diggers: “If You Are Fine…You Are Supposed to Be With Someone Rich???”


Jamie Foxx was on his radio show discussing all types of crazy topics such as his naked pictures leaking on the internet, why fine women should have a rich man, and Nick Cannon and Eminem’s beef. Kandi from the ATL Housewives is also on there singing…

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SMH: Lisa Raye Is a Gold Digger??? Noooooo!!!


Lisa Raye was on the Jamie Foxx Radio Show and had some things to get off her voluptuous chest. If you thought Lisa Raye had it all together… then you must listen to this interview, and hear her say some out of pocket-ignorant ish.

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What In Michael Jackson’s Name…

what in michaels name copy

Please stay as far away from this house as possible. This is where your boy Norwood stays. Your boy threw an MJ tribute party and his “fit” is nuts. The only other mentionable that was there was Lisa Raye.

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Who Looked More Tore Up? Beady B Vs. Chante Moore


The battle is on between Tichina Arnold and Chante Moore to see who fu*ked up their red carpet moment the most. Continue »

Name This Cake!

delish5 copy

We will give you this hint, her womb game got her a gig in the Vagina Monologues. Here is another hint; LisaRaye and Taj from SWV are in it as well…

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