New Ginuwine: “Trouble”


The new Ginuwine video has just been leaked called, Trouble. We don’t mind the song, but Ginuwine is starting to look his age. The video is supposedly based on that LisaRaye stalking ordeal.

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Diddy Does it Up in Atlanta and Brings Out Baby Mama #3 and Kim Keeps it Trill In Miami


Diddy popped up in Atlanta this past weekend and brought Sarah Chapman, baby mama #3, out to have a good time. Apparently, Cassie was invited to this party cause she was nowhere to be found. Then Lil’ Kim made a whole weekend of party hopping with her different masks in the MIA…

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Three The Hard Way


Yeah, this threesome was seen at  the Lil Kim birthday party last night. Sure Lil Kim always looks like she is sucking on a Lemonhead, but what about Trina and LisaRaye?

Out of the “ladies”…

Who Looked More Bangin?

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Fill In The Blank: Ne-Yo’s Lips


Your boy Ne-Yo was pictured smooching up some broad at the Essence Festival this weekend.

Fill in the Blank: Ne-Yo’s fish lips prolly taste like __________________________________.

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Ginuwine to LisaRaye: “Turning Me Off Remix”

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Aww damn, y’all. Ginuwine does not like the drama that LisaRaye reportedly started about them mixing it up. He kills the jumpoff rumors and made a song about it:

According to my sources, Ginuwine has decided to set the record straight on a number of things; Golddiggers, Lisa Raye and the young pups (Chris Brown and Omarion) of the R&B realm.

In regards to Lisa Raye, here’s what my source revealed to me, “Rumor has it: Ginuwine found out it was Lisa who was instigating that story about the two of them getting together.  As a matter of fact… Continue »

Lisaraye Needs to Get Over Him Already

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Lisaraye is obviously still going through the motions of her divorce. In the video below, Lisa discusses in detail how shocked and blind-sided she was when Michael Misick, former Turks & Caico’s Premier and her ex-husband, commenced with the shady dealings.

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LisaRaye on Gossip, Divorce and Tired Ass Khia

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Pop this thang to hear LisaRaye lay it all out on Freaky Friday Radio. SMH at Khia calling in acting like the ghetto-fied heffah that she is. Continue »

It’s Official, Mike Misick is Through.

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Michael Misick pouting

Michael Misick, the sleazy former Premier of Turks & Caicos, stepped down in disgrace one week early: Continue »

Ginuwine Denies Lisaraye Jump-Off Reports

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Ginuwine talks with Sister to Sister, and states “other people” set up this whole, infidelity thing, with Lisaraye as a publicity stunt. He also says, Sole’, did get mad as a rabid dog at him when she heard about the rumor.

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Sole’ Split Up With Ginuwine Over Lisaraye Rumor

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Sole’ caught wind of what went down with Ginuwine and Lisaraye and promptly left the man-whore. She’s now worried about her congregation: Continue »

Behind the Scenes With the New “Couple”…?

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As we reported earlier, not only is LisaRaye allegedly pushing up on the slick headed crooner, but the former First Lady of T & C is the official leading lady in Ginuwine‘s new video. Pop it for more video shoot pictures and some exclusive behind the scenes footage of the video, as well as Chrisette Michelle in concert Continue »

Getting It In Rumor: Lisaraye on Ginuwine’s Jock Strap?

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Looks like LisaRaye has moved on to everyone’s favorite greasy-head crooner. One of Bossip’s earhustlers was at a recent Ginuwine video shoot where LisaRaye played his leading lady. The source says that Lisaraye was there pressing up on Ginuwine something horrible, and the NY Post has proof: Continue »

Essence Ladies Luncheon 2009: Four the Hard Way

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Eva Pigford-Gross, Tia Mowry, Lauren London, and Kyla Pratt all attended the 2nd Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon. Everybody and their momma was there, literally. This one is a hard choice for anyone to make, but we gotta ask.

Out of the four young Hollyweirdians…Which young lady looked more bangin??

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Ho Sit Down

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LisaRaye & Michael Misick

LisaRaye‘s ex-hubby is resigning as Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands: Continue »

Beady-Bead’s Birthday Too?

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Tichina Arnold held her birthday party at Bar Marmont in Hollyweird. If you were wondering why nobody was at Brandy’s B-Day, it’s because everyone was getting they groove on at Tichina’s. SMH.

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