Pure Comedy: Marlon Wayans New Halloween Grinch Comedy Spoof! [Video]

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We Know He’s Balling, But Why Is Marlon Wayans So Bitter?: “Scary Movie 5 Sucks Without Me” [Video]

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Which One Would You Hit?


Marlon Wayans and Omar Epps attend the Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC

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Whips, Chains, & Nooses: Marlon Wayans Weighs In On Django ‘Action Figures’ [Video]

In part 2 of our exclusive with Marlon Wayans… he lets the crap fly when talking Django action figures…

Exclusive: Marlon Wayans Goes In On KimYe And Reveals Diddy’s Plans For Ciroc-Baby “Flavored Tidday Milk” [Video]

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Which One Would You Hit?? Wayans Brothers Edition [20+ Premiere Photos]

A Haunted House Premiere in Hollywood, CA

Here are Shawn and Marlon Wayans at the premiere of their new flick ‘A Haunted House’ last night in Hollyweird. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

Yesterday in Hollyweird Drizzy Drake and Marlon Wayans were spotted in the paparazzi lens at lunch and dinner respectively. Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Marlon Wayans Celebrates His 39th Birthday In Miami With Brother Shawn

Here is Marlon Wayans celebrating his 39th birthday at Mansion nightclub on South Beach. Continue »

For The Ladies: Marlon Wayans Brings His Uh… Physique To Hawaii’s Shores

Marlon Wayans spotted on the beach shirtless in Maui Hawaii.

Marlon Wayans hit the beaches of Maui this weekend with his Nerf game and a pair of pecs that would make Rick Ross jealous. Continue »

Twitter Files: Joe Budden And Marlon Wayans Catch iFade

Twitter, a publicist worst nightmare. Yesterday afternoon Joe Budden and Marlon Wayans got involved eScuffle that was anti-climactic, yet entertaining nonetheless. Continue »