Seen On The Scene: Celebrities Party It Up In NYC For Super Bowl XLVIII [Photos]

super bowl

Check out pics from Super Bowl XLVII festivities in the Big Apple!!!!! Continue »

What Happened There? The Origins Of Celebrity Scars


Here are the origins of these well-known celebrity scars.

Mariah Carey Shows Off Body During Rockefeller Center Christmas Performance And Mary J. Keeps It Clean [Video]

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Who Looked More Bangin?? Mary J. Blige Vs. Toni Braxton

mary toni

Mary J. “Brooklyn Blige” and Toni Braxton both attended The Grove’s 11th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in West Hollyweird over the weekend. Continue »

Can’t Get Right: Mary J. Blige Struggles-Up Her Christmas Song During Performance [Video]

First the BK Koon Jingle, then people went in on her for the Black Nativity movie, now this?

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Lawsuits: Mary J. Blige Sued By Promotional Company For Bailing On Dallas Concert And Not Paying Back That Scrilla

Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs

Now Mary, you know you two dollars short of being broke and busted. You can’t be missing shows. Continue »

SMH: Kendu Issac’s Daughter Briana Latrise Reneges On “Homeless” Claim With More Twitter Ranting!

Johnny Nunez

You already know how it goes with Twitter, rant, rave, delete, deny, repeat. Continue »