The Side Eye: Convicted Statutory Rapist Shane Sparks Says He Believes Michael Jackson Molested Choreographer Wade Robson

Shane Sparks

Shane, how are you a convicted statutory rapist and you passing judgment on someone found not guilty of a crime? Ho sit down. Continue »

Ray-J Says “Michael Jackson Never Touched Me … He Didn’t Hit It First!” [Video]

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Ho Sit Down: Shady Dr. Conrad Murray Says Michael Jackson’s Death Is Not His Fault,”I’m Not Going To Accept Responsibilty For Something I Did Not Do”

conrad murray

The first rule of being a doctor is to do know harm. Apparently Conrad Murray didn’t get the memo. Continue »

Thank God Michael’s Not Here For This: Paris Jackson Upsetting Katherine By Getting Closer With Debbie, Wants To Move In With Her

paris jackson

Paris Jackson Sparks War In Jackson Family

Paris if your pappy didn’t what that woman in your life, we’re pretty sure it was for a good reason. Continue »

Who’s Yo’ Momma? Katherine Jackson Asks Judge To Disregard The Paternity of Michael Jackson’s Kids

Jackson kids at industry event

Let Michael rest in peace! Geez. Can we honor the man’s legacy without constantly dragging up the paternity of his kids? Continue »