Oprah Gets Caught in the Middle of Mike Tyson and Robin Givens


Oprah recently interviewed Mike Tyson and during the interview, there was a moment that involved the audience ridiculing Robin Givens, who Oprah sympathized with in the past. Continue »

Mike Tyson Punches Out Pap At LAX And Is Arrested

miiike copy

One of the paps got out of pocket yesterday at LAX with Iron Mike… and the inevitable happened. Mike caught fade and was locked up: Continue »

Iron Mike Tyson, His Wife, and His Little Baby Girl Pose For the Camera…

tyson and fambam4

The chubby little-dumplings name is Milan. Is it us, or in the picture above does Mike Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Spicer, seem like she is trying to stunt on you hoes?

Pop the top for more.. Continue »

RIP: Mike Tyson is Trying to Heal After His Little Girl’s Death


Mike Tyson has had a rough time dealing with his 4 year old daughters death. He even went as far as blaming himself for the events that took place in May.

“I really was beating myself up over my daughter. I was staying in the house, depressed; it was a dark moment in my life. [Acting] keeps me functioning as a healthy human being. Continue »

West Coast Rides Hard for a Fight Night

fight night5

Larenz Tate was on Sunset last night for the Fight Night 4 release party at the House of Blues. Seems like a West Coast OG party going on.

Pop it to see Warren G, Snoop, Wood Harris and more… Continue »

Mike Tyson Upgrades Baby Moms to Wifey After Daughter’s Death

Tyson and Lakiha

Mike decided to marry his baby moms. We assume its because she’s helping him grieve the loss of his daughter or maybe she’s the only person who will deal with his drama Continue »

Convicted Rapist, Mike Tyson: “I Like a Woman With Massive Confidence to Dominate Sexually”

This video is one of the scariest and funniest things we have seen in a minute. SMH&LMAO

Click Here To Watch

Remember Me??: Lil Mack Is Orchestrating a Comeback

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We always new Lil Mack would come back someday. Get yours Mack, get yours!

Tyson Denies Rape in New Documentary and Causes Uproar

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Mike Tyson’s documentary is due next month and already has sparked some controversy. He still claims the woman who accused him of rape is a liar: Continue »

Run For the Hills, Mike Tyson’s Out and About

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Mikey Tyson

Mike Tyson touched down in Utah, but only to attend the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, which probably came as a big relief to those Mormon men, their multiple teen-aged wives and hella children.

Mike is a renaissance man?  Quit your bullsh*ttin’.  More pics when you… Continue »

Are You Feelin’ These Get Ups?: 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes

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50 Cent and Busta Rhymes

50 Cent and Bust-a-bust hit up the Spike TV’s 2008 Video Game Awards in Cali over the weekend. Since the shoes make the man, are ya’ll feelin’ 50’s old school, classic Tim’s steez, or Busta’s new school, Nike boots steez?

A few more pics of LL Cool J, Kim Kardashian, and the fool that is Mike Tyson when you click… Continue »

Mike Tyson is “On One” Again

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According to Livesteez, Tyson is at it again with his old tricks…like running his car through gates and sh*t:

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has found himself back in news headlines, this time for impatiently ramming his vehicle into the visitor’s gate of a private community in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving morning. According to local ABC news affiliates KTNV, the retired boxer pulled his late-model black Escalade up to the southern part of Valley at Monarch Estates at around 7:45 a.m. Thursday. “He went to the visitor’s gate, but instead of driving through the gate when it opened, he veered off and hit the closed resident’s gate,” said Action News reporter Rikki Cheese. “Tyson reportedly backed up and ripped the gate down. Metro was called, and Tyson got a ticket.” Las Vegas Police were called to investigate and gave him a breathalyzer test, which he passed. They then dismissed the entire incident as an accident and Tyson escaped with a fine before being allowed inside of the gated community to visit his friend, as reported by Eurweb.com.

Well it appears that Mike is still the ticking time bomb he has always been. We just pray for anyone next to this ignorant goof ball when he blows, it will not be a pretty sight.


Insane in the Membrane

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Iron Mike has been accused of (and carried out) some wild ish over the years. This new charge against this troubled fellow may land him back in the slammer.

Click HERE to read up on Mike’s alleged involvement in some truly shady dealings.

Quote of the Day

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Poor Mike’s not feeling the love:

“I’ve been in prison. In and out of court. Convicted of rape. I already expect the worst to happen. I expect people to treat me bad. I expect on day somebody’ll blow my brains out over some bulls**t. No one gives a s**t about Mike Tyson. Someone accuses me of a horrible crime, others say, ‘Yeah, he’s capable of that. Mike probably did it.’ Nobody’s fighting any crusade for my black ass.”

Awww. Poor Thang. But truer words never never spoken.

Image via WENN


Quote of the Day

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Here is “Iron” Mike Tyson at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend. A documentary on his life is featured at the festival:

“I lived a wild and extreme life,” the former heavyweight champion

told reporters Saturday. “I used drugs. I had altercations with dangerous people. I slept with guys’ wives that wanted to kill me. I’m just happy to be here, you know. It’s just a miracle.” Continue »