What In The Clown Nation… Missy Elliott, Is That You?!?!

Monica held her album release party at Opera nightclub in Atlanta on Thursday night. Missy Elliott decided to crawl from under a rock and show her face. We don’t get to see Missy often but DAYYUMM… Who The Hell Let her Walk Out of the House Like That???

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Remember Me???: Missy “Missed-a-Dinner” Elliot Back With New Track “Touch My Body”

We don’t know what kind of binge Missy has been on the last few years, but whatever her new hobby is has kept her relatively quiet in the entertainment world. She’s just now deciding to return with a new single and album due date.

This is the track “Touch My Body”

Does Ginuwine Still Have What it Takes???


The other night when Diddy ‘s appeared on The Late Show… Ginuwine and Missy were in the building to perform G’s new song. Ginuwine was trying to bring back those Ride That Pony moves… Continue »

Ginuwine Drops a New Jawn Featuring Timbaland and Missy

Ginuwine, Missy and Timbaland

It’s been a while, a long while since we’ve heard Ginuwine, Timbaland and Missy together on a song. Kinda takes us back to the good ole days when Aliyaah, Magoo and the rest of the crew were makin’ hits together. Pop the hood for his newest joint “Get Involved”: Continue »

Rappers Jewels To Be Sold To The Highest Bidder

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Rappers are getting rid of the trunk jewels. The recession is real…

How much would you pay for Lil Jon’s 12-pound “Crunk Ain’t Dead” pendant, which holds the Guinness Book of World Records mark as the largest diamond pendant ever? You can get your shot at the signature piece during the Hip-Hop’s Crown Jewels auction from the contemporary art auction house Phillips de Pury & Company, which will take place March 5 in New York. Continue »

Last Night in NYC…

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Lil Kim & LisaRaye were getting drunk as f**k at Lil Kim’s birthday bash. The shin-dig went down at Spotlight Live, making it Kim’s 2nd b-day celebration in less than a month. This heffah craves too much attention.

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Missy Turns 37

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Missy Elliott’s surprise birthday party went down at Marquee last night. Folks like Pepa & Busta Rhymes helped her bring in the new year. View more party pics due south.

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Missy Makes a Comeback

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Missy Elliot talks about her new album and the future of Hip-Hop in the upcoming edition of Billboard Magazine:

Billboard:What are your thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop?

“Well, if anyone knows me, they’d know I try not to listen to the radio or watch TV. I’ve been doing that since my very first album. I think you can be easily influenced by other music, and before you know it you start doing records that sound like someone else just because you think it’s music that’s working. I hear a lot of great songs. And then I hear some that aren’t so original and creative. Back in the day artists had their own styles. You couldn’t say Heavy D sounded like Rakim, or Salt-N-Pepa sounded like MC Lyte, or Big Daddy Kane sounded like Erick Sermon. These days, people try to follow a formula because they see it’s worked for others. But that keeps them from being original and creative, (or) at least not as original and creative as it used to be before.”

Not that we disagree with ole girl, but we’re curious as to the originality of her new jawn, “Block Party” that’s set to drop in August. Time will tell…


Ciara Parties in Atl, Gets Extravagant Gift from Missy in NYC

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Ciara continues her 22nd birthday celebration tour at the Velvet Room in Atlanta. Her parents were there (and no her mom is not Wanda Sykes) so that shows just how much fun that party was.

Her party in New York City, which was on Thursday was probably a better time with “friend” Missy Elliot keeping the shot glasses full and chicken wings on hand. She also presented Ciara with a huge diamond necklace as a birthday gift. Damn, she must be a good ass “friend” with 50 Cent giving out good gifts and now Missy.

Ciara in Atlanta:


More images from that event: