40+ Year Old Bangers (Photo Gallery)

Who Looked More Bangin?

Ronnie Wood girlfriend Ana Araujo Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson shared the front row with rock star Ronnie Wood and his model girlfriend Ana Araujo at Paris Fashion Week’s Yves Saint Laurent showing. Meanwhile Baldheaded Beast Amber Rose found another eccentric character to embrace at the Marithe + Francois Girbaud show, while Naomi Campbell welcomed the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Noemie Lenoir to Dolce & Gabbana’s of her 25 year career. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin?

Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks at the 40th anniversary party for Roberto Cavalli in Paris

Some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment came out Wednesday night for Roberto Cavalli’s 40th anniversary party in Paris, including famously feuding models Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. If you had to take your pick, Who Looked More Bangin? Continue »

Melyssa Ford Is An F-Bomb Dropping Naomi Campbell Hater! And She’s Putting Essence Magazine On Blast

Melyssa Ford Naomi Campbell

Melyssa Ford had plenty to say recently on the subject of Essence Magazine and a few of their editorial decisions — particularly their decision to use Naomi Campbell as one of the 40th anniversary cover models. Continue »

Seen On The Scene: Little Willow Smith Still Stuntin In Milan

attends the Dolce & Gabbana VIP Room during Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011

Willow Smith is certainly making her rounds in Italy for Milan’s Fashion Week! Here she is hobnobbing with her momdukes, Naomi Campbell, and her billionaire boytoy Vlad at the Dolce & Gabbana show and VIP Room.

Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

lynn whitfield

Lynn Whitfield attended the Essence Magazine 40th anniversary celebration last night with her face game looking like this. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but something is a little off here. Perhaps you can help us out. Continue »

Naomi Campbell Shakes Her Supermodel Cakes

Naomi Campbell at her Fashion Night Out event at the D&G store

Naomi Campbell celebrated 25 years walking the runway by performing a dance choreographed by Laurieann Gibson at her Fashion’s Night Out event at the Dolce & Gabbana store in New York. Check out more pictures of Naomi as well as Tyson Beckford, Kelly Rowland and Solange when you continue. Continue »

Blood Diamond Naomi Will Forever Be A Cover Girl

naomi campbell uptown magazine cover

Naomi Campbell is on the cover of the Aug/Sept 2010 “Style” issue of Uptown Magazine looking fresh faced and brand new…like she hasn’t been going through all kinds of stress these days. More on the issue: Continue »

Naomi Campbell’s New Crew: Jay-Z, Beyonce & Quincy Jones

jay-z and naomi

Blood Diamond Naomi has been marred with controversy since she testified against Liberian dictator Charles Taylor in his war crimes trial. To take a break, she has decided to gather up a new crew and head out on a Mediterranean cruise. Rumor has it that she’s taking some notable names with her. Continue »

Blood Diamond Naomi Could Face Jail Time If She Was Indeed Lying About The “Little Dirty Pebbles”

Naomi Campbell Receives Blood Diamonds

Poor thang:

Naomi Campbell says she has nothing to gain by lying in her testimony about alleged “blood diamonds.” But according to London’s Telegraph , she could have everything to lose, including her freedom. Continue »

Blood Diamond Naomi Gives False Testimony????

naomi campbell bald


It’s about to get very ugly for beautiful Naomi Campbell. The cantankerous catwalker, who insisted under oath last week that she did know who sent her “dirty-looking pebbles” that turned out to be infamous blood diamonds Continue »

Naomi Campbell Admits Receiving ‘Blood Diamonds’ At Nelson Mandelas House

Naomi Campbell Receives Blood Diamonds

Naomi Campbell was called to testify at the war crimes trial of ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor for getting blood diamonds from him. According to her, she was could care less about a couple of dirty azz stones in a pouch and felt the trial was an “inconvenience” to her. Inconvenience? Tell that to all the people who died for those “dirty stones.” Continue »

Swirling It Up In St. Tropez

Naomi Campbell have lunch, with her boyfriend, at Club 55 beach in St Tropez

Naomi Campbell and her Russian billionaire boytoy Vlad are on vacation AGAIN. This time the swirl couple are chillin’ in St. Tropez. Hope this makes up for Naomi’s bald spots getting put on blast earlier this week. More pictures on the flippy. Continue »

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