20 Celebrity BFF’s Who Hold Each Other Down

Tyra Banks Kimora Simmons Ming and Aoki Lee

“Best friend” is such a relative term. One day she’s your ace home skillet, the next day you’re not calling her back because she always wants to talk about her crazy issues. Continue »

Nas And Damian Marley Support Legalization At The West Coast Weed Smokeout

Nas & Damiam Get Smoked Out

Past de Dutchey pon de left hand side! Nas and Damien Marley will be part of Cypress Hills’ annual West Coast Smoke out at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California on October 16th. Continue »

Who Should Estelle “Fall In Love” With: John Legend Vs. Nas?!??

Estelle, Nas, John Legend: Fall In Love

Estelle has dropped two new videos for her new jawn called “Fall In Love”. Just like Monica, Estelle has two dudes to choose between but this time it’s Nas or John Legend. Which version of the song do you prefer??? Continue »

Nas Talks Kelis And The Future Of His Family

Kelis and Nas

Kelis may have decided to remain tight lipped about her divorce from Queens bred emcee Nas but the rapper s has decided to dish on his divorce as well as talk about how his life has changed since their separation. His take on things when you … Continue

Swirlin’ It Up Wino Stylee

Amy Winehouse leaves Kyashii bar in London's Covent Garden with rapper Nas at her side

When we first saw this photo, we thought Kelis had driven Nas to smoke rocks! But it turns out that he and Amy Winehouse were just bar and club hopping London until nearly 5 am to celebrate Damian Marley’s birthday. Happy Born Day mi bredren!!! Pop the hood for more shots Continue »

JET Beauty Of The Week

Kelis Jet Magazine Cover

Kelis covers the latest issue of JET. Pop the hood to find out what she’s talking about Continue »

ChitChatter: Kelis Speaks On New Album, Nas, Baby Knight, And PETA

KelisTalks Baby Knight, PETA, and New Album

Kelis must be trying to sell some albums this time around, because she’s all over the place talking about Nasir, Knight, her music and much more: Continue »

When Pigs Fly: Kelis Says She And Nas Are “Friends” And Get Along “Great”

Nas and Kelis Happy Friends

Yeah right, this broad was just saying Nas was her biggest disappointment and now they’re the best of friends?? GTFOH:

Kelis has put her differences with ex-husband Nas behind her, insisting they’ve become “friends” Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Kelis Says Nas Is Her Biggest Disappointment Ever

Kelis and Nas Money

Kelis had a short Q&A with British publication Guardian and spilled on things she loves, loathes, and fears… Continue »

Poor Nas…

kelis and baby knight

Kelis is still sucking him dry: Continue »

Kelis’ New Hair Proves That Nas Got Out Just In Time!

Kelis was seen with her orange curly top at an ELLE event. Her teeth are something else… aren’t they?  Also at the shindig was Patti LaBelle, Cassie (looking cute we might add),  plus Jennifer Williams & Jessica White all hugged up.

Pop the top for the pictures Continue »

Dog Lady Kelis Should Be Ecstatic…Divorce Is Officially Final!!

Kelis as a dog for PETA

Kelis is officially no longer Mrs. Jones. The crazy divorce between her and Nasir has been finalized, but they still have to work out all that child/spousal support bullshyte.

Details on the flip… Continue »

Nas Speaks On The Problem In Hip-Hop: “It Ain’t The Record Labels… It’s These Rappers Putting Out Garbage!”

Nas decided to tell the real about today’s Hip-Hop and took the blame off of “the business,” placing it where it belongs… at these bumpkin rappers feet.

Click Here For The Video On BossipVideo.com

Kelis Out In London While Poor Little Nasir Is Going Broke Trying To Support Her And His Son That He Doesn’t Get To See

Kelis in London Wearing mickey mouse kicks

Kelis was seen in London rocking those Mickey Mouse Adidas and the black version of her crazy a$s mullet ‘do…

More images on the flip.

Continue »

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