Star Kids: Celebrities Who Love The Hell Out Their Moms

kanye mom

Mother’s Day is nigh! It’s time to take a moment and give that special lady in your hearts some gifts and show that you love her. Continue »

Droppin’ Dough: Men That Have To Pay A Ton Of Child Support

lil wayne kids

When you’re a celebrity, life is fun. They get to make millions, earn free crap and bang women from ever major city in the world. Of course, all of that free love means that there are sure to be some children along the way. Continue »

Which One Is Packin??? Nas Vs. Santonio Holmes

nas santonio

Nas was spotted out on Robertson Blvd. and Santonio Holmes was in NYC at the Parlour Midtown. Continue »

The Bossip 5 With Rico Love: Fake Cakes Or Real Ones And His Top 5 MC’s List [Video]

The Case Of The Ex: 10 Of The Hottest Rapper’s Ex Girlfriends

Rappers have always had some nice arm candy by their side, but have always had trouble keeping them around. Continue »

Three’s Company: Famous Love Triangles

Fantasia Antwaun affair

Love has been in the air for the last few days with all of the flowers and candies abound. But sometimes love can hurt if there’s an unwanted third party involved. Continue »

Another Day, Another Celeb With Tax Problems: Nas Owes Uncle Sam Over $6 Mil

Nas tax debt

Clearly Nas’s accountants are about as bad as the divorce attorney who worked out his settlement with greedy a** Kelis. Continue »

Maid Says Kelis’ Moneygrubbin’ Azz Won’t Pay Her For Services Rendered

Kelis stiffs illegal alien maid

Kelis must be spending that $25,000 a month in child support on tacky outfits cuz she sure ain’t using it to pay her bills. Her former maid claims the moneygrubbin’ musician failed to pay her for cleaning her house and took advantage of her immigration status to skip out on the bill. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Kelis Just Lost $300,000 For 2011

Kelis Nas Child Support

Actually, we really don’t feel too bad for Kelis. Continue »

We’re Just Not That Into You: 10 Celebrity Couples We Wish Would Have Never Broken Up


When it comes to relationships, celebrities are no different than anyone else. They make up to break up and make up again, but in some cases the break ups have been permanent-and for good reason, Mrs. Lionel Ritchie.

Continue »

Caption This Moment In Baldheaded Monster-ness

Amber Rose Heineken Inspire New York

Yeezy’s Baldheaded Phoenix popped up at the Heineken Inspire event in NYC. And this picture just stuck out to us as either the before or after of some Amber Rose foolishness. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Nas Tells Def Jam To Stop Playing With Kelis’ Money


Maybe the executives at Def Jam have forgotten that Nas is subsidizing Kelis‘ career missteps these days. Continue »