Old Edition

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New Edition received a Golden Note Award at the 2008 ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards last night. Looks like these brothas are holding up pretty well, with exception of Bobby of course with that peculiar sour-puss expression. Check out more pics of the event below.

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For the Stans

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Beyonce was spotted on set of her new film “Obsessed” along with co-star Idris Elba. We can’t speak for her performance, but any flick featuring Elba is one worth watching.

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Which One Is Packin?????

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Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were spotted on their way into Letterman Studios yesterday. So we must ask. Which of these of these tall dark and handsome is more packin???

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Last Night in NYC….

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Lil Kim and Ne-Yo were on hand to watch Akon perform at Spotlight Live in Times Square. Michelle Williams, Teyana and much more were spotted at the event as well. Check out more party pics below.

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Ne-Yo Must Sing For The Children

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We were the first to exclusively tell you the Ne-Yo was arrested for reckless driving back in February, and he just went to court for it Monday:

Grammy winner Ne-Yo has a word of advice for drivers: “Watch your speed when driving through Atlanta.” He should know. He uttered those words as he left Cobb State Court on Monday after pleading guilty to failing to get a Georgia license and no contest to reckless driving. As part of a plea deal, Ne-Yo will perform a concert for the Boys & Girls Club in Cobb. Cobb County police clocked the singer-songwriter’s Range Rover at 105 mph in a 55 mph zone when they pulled him over on Feb. 19 on South Cobb Drive and Cobb Parkway. He told police he’d lived in Georgia for a year. “I was trying to get somewhere in a awful hurry, and I got pulled over.”

What the hell was he trying to get to that fast? SMH at him doing 105 on a non-highway and only having to sing to children for it. Some fu*king punishment that is, must be nice.


An Interesting Mix

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Ne-Yo & Michael Jackson

Down-low suspect Ne-yo has some pretty big music projects coming down the pike.

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Who Cares About Talent?

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Well the nominations are in and your boy T-Pain is walking away with 5 nods this year for the prestigious BET Awards. Damn, it’s amazing what singing into a little voice box “vocoder” thing can do for one’s career.

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Fu*kin For Tracks

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Ne-Yo and Nicole Scherzinger hit up The Ivy yesterday for a lunch date or meeting or whatever you want to call it. We know Nicole’s little solo debut didn’t do that well, so she’s probably getting up with Ne-Yo for some “hits.”


Nicole probably threw that meal up as soon as she got back to her crib. Poor thang.

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Some Morning Booty

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Angel Lola Luv and her semi-suspect backs hit up Terrence J’s birthday bash along with a slew of other folks. SMH at the “Coming To America” theme little Terrence has crackin at the party.


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Ne-Yo’s on Some New Ish

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Ne-Yo 001

Ne-Yo’s ready to break some new ground:

“R&B star Ne-Yo is promising fans new sounds on his upcoming album Year Of The Gentleman – because he has become “bored” of urban music. The “So Sick” singer – real name Shaffer Smith – is preparing to drop his third album in June.

But the star claims his new LP is different from his previous work – because he is no longer interested in urban music.

He says, ‘There’s some stuff on there that sounds like something the Beatles might’ve done. There’s some stuff on there that sounds like something Billy Joel might’ve done. I can’t do just straight urban music no more, because to be completely honest with you, I’m a little bored with it. I’m just moving with what music excites me now.’

Billy Joel? The Beatles? We’ve got to hear this new fruity endeavor. We’ll reserve judgement, but remain a little skeptical about this one.


Midget Swag

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We all know that Jermaine Dupri is a man of miniature proportions so it’s evident why he stands on chairs while attending events. Here he is, looking a bit slizzard at Rocko’s (Monica’s boo) album release party for his album “Self-Made”. He probably got those Tims in the kiddie department.

More images from the event:


Jessica Rabbit’s Rack

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melyssaford 67

Melyssa Ford aka “The Black Jessica Rabbit” hit up twins Malika and Khadijah’s birthday party in Beverly Hills.

What a classy get up she’s wearing. While all the other ladies wore nice little dresses, Melyssa had to wear a net shirt with her rack on display. How far did her ass and titties get her anyway?

More images from the event:

melyssaford tank54meagangood malika khadijahne-yo32kylapratt jenniferfreeman

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Coupled Up

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flo rida jessewhite

Rapper Flo Rida and Ne-Yo’s baby’s mom singer Jesse White are apparently an item. Here are pics of them in London and Las Vegas.

They actually look cute together. She and Ne-Yo still probably share lip gloss and shoe tips.

flo rida jessewhite3flo rida jessewhite2neyo babymom

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Exclusive: Ne-Yo Arrested

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A highly placed source has exclusively snitched to Bossip that Ne-Yo was arrested for reckless driving in Cobb County, Georgia outside of Atlanta.

Hopefully no one behind bars gets a chance to see him and his vaselined up lips.


Ne-Yo Isn’t Petty

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Ne-Yo holds no grudges from getting the boot from the Double-Up tour:

“Me personally? I’ve let it go. I’m not the hold-a-grudge guy. I’m not gonna see R. Kelly in the street and run up on him and swing on him. I’m not gonna do a dis record about R. Kelly. It was what it was. It happened. For whatever reason, he, I don’t know, I guess felt threatened by me and kicked me off tour. Life goes on. I don’t have a problem with the man. It’s apparent he has a problem with me — he kicked me off tour.”

Ne-Yo shouldn’t worry. We didn’t see the Pied Pedophile’s name on that list of Grammy winners the other day.