Disassociated Brother?: Black Republican Goes In On Oprah “It’s Racist To Accuse Whites Of Being Racist!” [Video]

Does he have a point or are you even listening?
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Terrence Howard On Arsenio Hall Show Talks About Kissing And Chopping Down Oprah In The Butler Movie! [Video]

When you’ve got a guest who made out with Oprah, you have to ask. You just have to.

The Legendary Patti LaBelle Cries On Oprah, But Her Face Doesn’t Move! [Video]

Miss Patti looks damn good, though, doesn’t she?
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Good Look?? Oprah Wants To Interview Lamar “Light It Up” Odom


Lamar may be on his way to a comeback. Continue »

Oprah With Robin Thicke (First Look): Talks About Miley Twerking And How Paula Really Felt About It [Video]

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For Discussion: Do Black People Combat Negative Racial Stereotypes By Faithfully Serving White Folks With Dignity?

the butler

Could YOU ever serve a white person/family with a smile on your face? Continue »