Are You Feelin This Get-Up??

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Seal hit up the five year anniversary party for Butter in NYC recently wearing an interesting ensemble. That skinny leg pant look is not that virile. Well as long as Heidi’s straight with what he’s working with in those skinny jeans then it’s all good.

More images from that event:

Taye Diggs Peace SignPaula Patton Butter EventDamon Wayans Eishia Brightwell Butter EventFonzworth Bentley Faune Chambers

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Paula Patton’s Belly is Swollen

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Is it just us or does Paula Patton look pregnant?

Hopefully, Robin Thicke keeps the coke away from the kid.

Who Looked More Bangin? Coupled UP Edition

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Kanye West and fiancee Alexis Phifer and Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton attended the MTV Video Music Awards.



Robin Thicke Compares BET Award to ‘McDonald’s Award’???

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The homies over at Extra TV recently interviewed Robin Thicke and he was asked about getting a BET Award nomination. His first words were “I would take a McDonald’s Award”.

He also says he was surprised that his wife Paula Patton would be his “video ho”. This Justin TimberFAKE 3.0 better be happy to get a FUBU award like a BET award. Click here to watch the interview. Maybe he was coked up again.

Who Looked More Bangin???

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Paula Patton attended the Poiret:King of Fashion Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art last week in NYC and Naomi Campbell attended Operation Smile’s 25th Anniversary Smile Collection Couture Event last night in NYC.

We must ask, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN??????

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Quote of The Day: Robin Thicke

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Robin Thicke during a recent interview:

“There’s still a lot of racism out there. As a black actress in Hollywood, my wife is dealing with racism all the time. And for me, being a white guy, it’s rare for people to not make that an issue. But I don’t really care. That’s just the outlook of so many people – they need to define what’s black and what’s white. I couldn’t care less about all that. I just wanna make greatmusic that brings people together.”

“You see Pink, Justin Timberlake, Eminem and Nelly Furtado on the TV, but a lot fewer black artists. I think that just shows how much racism still does exist….“People want to see emulations of themselves. Very often, white people will give greater support to artists who look like them and black people do the same…..“A lot of people still aren’t able or willing to open their hearts and minds to accept greatness from any avenue. They just want it to be palatable for their sensibilities and that’s a real shame.”


Robin Thicke Scoring with Wife, Paula Patton

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Physically Scoring with Paula: “When I’m with my wife and we make love, that’s when I’m as close to God as possible.”

Musically Scoring with Paula: Robin is in the talks of writing the score for his wife’s upcoming movie, This Wednesday. Patton will play the character Wednesday, a female pimp– a product of a pimp father and prostitute mother.

Awww, how inspiring for those of us who are “Pro-Marriage”. The couple that scores together stays together. Can’t wait to see that flick…it starts filming in Philadelphia later this year.

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Now Back To That Blind Item

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Paula Patton and Jeanette Jenkins. Paula Patton, her husband Robin Thicke and Paula’s BFF Shawn Barton in Miami “together”.

Is Paula Patton (Idlewild, Deja Vu) into chicks? As time goes on, she is fitting in quite nicely into a Blind Item that dropped last year. Maybe her and her BFF Shawn Barton and King Latifah’s girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins are just “friends”, the tip we got a while back was some wacky internet nut, and her husband Robin Thicke just writes songs about threesomes that have no meaning. One of our readers pointed out that Robin Thicke has a song entitled “Threesome” that didn’t make the final album cut. Smart guy, Paula can keep her steez under wraps for now.

Those Blind Items are never true.

Who Looked More Busted? Aisha Tyler vs. Eva Pigford

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Aisha Tyler and Eva Pigford attended the Grand Opening of Sideways Restuarant and Lounge last night in Hollyweird.


Bossip Reader Nakia:

“My poor girl Eva wins the most busted contest. Looks like Sherlock homes got attacked while searching for clues in a back alley in London“.

Paula Patton came solo to the Diamond Information Center and InStyle Diamond Fashion Show in Beverly Hills yesterday. She is a banger, just didn’t look like it last night.

Kerry Washington in Love With Her BFF

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Kerry Washington and Aishwarya Rai at the Cannes Film Festival last year.

Kerry: That rack sure does look tasty.

Marcia Gay Harden on right

Kerry Washington in recent interview:

Every once in a while, you run into someone who you really become friends with, and Marcia Gay Harden is one of those people. She’s somebody, I think I’m a little bit in love with Marcia, we really… she’s a dear, dear friend now

Why did Kerry cut herself off at the “we really…” part? Lets just forget the Paula Patton blind item talk, and just say there are probably two “very pretty” actresses in Hollyweird that could fit the main portion of it.

Who Looked More Bangin Last Night? Jennifer Lopez vs. Paula Patton

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Jennifer Lopez at the Los Angeles Free Clinic Dinner Gala Honoring Brad Grey and Paula Patton at the Deja Vu movie premiere in NYC last night. We must ask, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN?

“Blue-eyed soul” singer Robin Thicke may be slippin letting his girl fly solo to “everything”. Denzel who was rumored to have had a fling with Sanaa Lathan a while back may have already pushed up on Paula. Here is Paula talking about Denzel’s “genius”:

Paula: You can’t have butterflies at the moment when you work with him. At that moment you have to be just another person or you’ll be eaten alive. It’s when you walk away from working with Denzel that you go [silent scream] ‘I just worked with Denzel Washington!’ You’re in your hotel room and every movie on that weekend is a movie he’s been in. But, I can say working with Denzel is like an actor going to graduate school, for me, it was like that. I learned so much from him. He’s a genius. He taught me that you prepare and prepare and don’t rehearse. You go in and see what organically happens. He would always surprise me.Here is Paula Patton talking about her new movie Deja Vu with Denzel Washington. When asked about a possible connection between her and Denzel, she seems to try to downplay it making it sound suspect. Denzel is probably hittin that.

If Denzel had to dedicate a song to Robin Thicke, it would probably be Ill Al Scratch with Brian McKnight-I’ll Take Her. That was the cut back in the day.

Who Looked More Bangin Last Night: Vivica Fox vs. Paula Patton

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Paula and Vivica attended the Diversity Awards last night. Paula arrived solo as usual, hmmmmm.

Just "Axin": Paula Patton

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Why are actress Paula Patton and her blue-eyed soul singer husband Robin Thicke never seen together in public?

Paula Patton yesterday at the Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show in New Orleans. Black and white polka dot dress looks like she should have been at the Carolina Herrera event. Still a stunning, natural beauty. Robin must be busy with his album and tour (even before his tour-not seen together), but he better watch out. Someone might “snag” her if he keeps allowing her to go “stag” to couple events.