R Kelly Is ILL-LIT-TER-IT: “I Don’t Read Good”

R. Kelly

R Kelly admitted to having some serious set backs. Including being challenged by books:

“I don’t… Continue »

R-Kelly, Keyshia Cole & T-Pain’s New Remix “Number 1 Sex” Says Autotune is NOT Dead


R-Kelly, Keyshia Cole and T-Pain have made a remix to “Number 1 Sex.” The song is pretty graphic and dirty… just like R-Kelly likes it.

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Trey Songz Tells Charlamagne The God About Adrienne Bailon and R. Kelly

trey and cthegod copy

Trey Songz chopped it up with Charlamagne on his radio station and talks about Adrienne Bailon, Chris Brown, R Kelly, Bossip and… Amerie, and catching crabs?

Charlamagne is pure comedy.

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*Exclusive* R. Kelly Comes Back with his Album “UNTITLED”


With all of the controversy that surrounded the Pied Piper in the past couple of years, Kells is back to doing what he does best… creating baby making music. Last night, Bossip was invited into R. Kelly’s home to listen to his new album. When we asked him about Trey Songz challenging the King of R&B, this is what he had to say…

“If you a true King, you don’t get into challenges. Hold on, let me answer that… I don’t get into the challenges anymore. I’ve passed that. You know, it’s like Ali, you know you get to a certain status in your life and you don’t have to throw another punch. You are who you are Continue »

Freaks: New R Kelly Featuring Keri Hilson


R Kelly is singing about what he sings about best…sex. Keri and Kelly made a track called Number One. Keri Hilson is proving to be quite the freak. First Keri gets her loins soaked on stage… doggy style, now she is getting down with a known bedroom weirdo.

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Rumor Control: R Kelly’s House Was NOT Raided for Teen Molestation

R. Kelly

There are some very unreliable sites reporting that R Kelly’s house was raided. We called the police department and checked more credible news agencies and found out that it’s a lie:

A representative of recording artist R. Kelly released the following statement in response to an inaccurate Internet report about a supposed police search of his house in the Chicago suburb of Olympia Fields. Continue »

Kels Cleans Up His Act…For Now


This is the cleanest we’ve ever seen Kels. Peep the “Survivor” tattoo on his arm. It should say “Future Jailbird”.

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Kels Escapes to the Motherland


Kels is tryin’ to jumpstart his career again but he has to go test the waters in Africa since most people here are not tryin’ to support his child molestin’ @ss. Continue »

Trey to Kels: Basically…You Suck Now

Trey Songz & Kels

The SUPERSTAR that is Trey Songz had a few words for the Pied Pedophile. He claims that upon hearing Jigga’s D.O.A..he immediately wondered when R. Kelly was going to stop using autotune actually make good music again:

First off, anyone who is familiar with my history knows I’m a HUGE R. Kelly fan & have been inspired by him since my early beginnings musically. So while some may take this as disrespect, those who truly listen to the lyrics will understand my urging him to go harder. I’ve been compared to R. Kelly since my career began while we all can recall R. Kelly stepping on the scene sounding AND looking JUST like Aaron Hall. Continue »

Rocks: What In The Sam Hell Are You Talking About R-Kelly??


Since child-lovin’ R-Kelly’s hype has went in the trash he was spotted rambling on about not naming his album, or something like that. Yeah, we know; sounds like Clucker Talk to us as well: Continue »

Bossip Awards 2008!!!

Posted by Bossip Staff

2008, the year of SMH moments and Jesus Take the Wheel prayers has officially come to an end, and we took the liberty to sum it all up in a video for our dear Bossip readers. Actor Jason Moore and actress Maia Osman hosted this year’s show. Jason Moore is someone to watch out for this year.

We appreciate your readership, thanks for helping us “Make it Rain on them Hoes” in ’08. Enjoy.

R Kelly’s Nephew Charged in Barber Shop Debacle

Posted by Bossip Staff

R Kelly’s nephew has been charged in that suspect robbery/shooting that occurred earlier this month:

Bond was set at $200,000 Friday for R & B singer R. Kelly’s teenage nephew who allegedly tried to rob a barber shop but was shot by the owner earlier this month. Cook County Judge Reginald Baker set bond for Brayel Kelly of Calumet City at $200,000, according to Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Andy Conklin.

Kelly was charged as an adult Thursday with attempted armed robbery, attempted murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm. Continue »

R. Kelly’s Nephew Shot During Robbery

Posted by Bossip Staff

Last night, R. Kelly’s nephew was shot twice during an attempted robbery:

The teenage nephew of musician R. Kelly was shot in what police say was a robbery attempt in Calumet City. The boy’s father said that the boy was shot twice and is currently being treated at Christ Hospital. Calumet City police say the boy was trying to rob a barbershop at 157th and Burnham when he was shot. They say the store owner shot the teen twice. The father of the 15-year-old says the teen may have actually been the victim of a robber. Carey Kelly says he and his son are frequently harassed because they are related to R. Kelly. “People have tried to rob us. They think we got money ’cause my brother (is) rich. That’s R. Kelly money, that’s not our money,” said Carey Kelly.The teenager is being treated for a chest wound.

The details are still sketchy regarding whether Nephew was being robbed or perpetrating the robbery. Hear Carey Kelly’s take on what may have happened.


Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a funny rendition on how hat BET interview with R. Kelly should have went…

Click HERE for the direct link…


Funkmaster Flex: Pied Pedo Needs Help

Posted by Bossip Staff

We’re not the only ones who thought that R. Kelly interview was ri-goddamn-diculous. Check this video out to see Funkmaster Flex share his opinion on that Pied Pedophile Robert Kelly.

Click here for the direct link, and click here if you missed that bullshyte yesterday…