Dumb Question of the Day: Reggie Bush Got Milk?

Of course he ‘got milk’…in fact, he LOVES him some milky broads milk. S-Kim milk. SMH.

Now that the Saints have won the Super Bowl, we’re about to be saturated with Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian crap even more so than ever, so be prepared.

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Chris Brown and Rihanna at Super Bowl… This had to be Interesting!!!

Just like Rihanna had a job to do at Super Bowl, so did Chris Brown. Chris was seen kickin’ it with Trey Songz at a club over the weekend. We didn’t hear of these two running into each other but we can’t help but wonder how hard their camps were working to make sure that they didn’t!!!

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Did Reggie Bush Chop Down Some Victory Kimmy Cakes After The Game???

After the Saints won their first Superbowl Reggie Bush was all smiles.  But we can’t help but wonder if Reggie got a good victory chop down session after the game. Pop the top to find out and see some pics.

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Some Morning Miami Swirl

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian were spotted in Miami yesterday doing some Pre-Super Bowl shopping. Ehh…

In other swirl news, Tyson Beckford was seen walking his dog on Miami beach with a “lady friend”…

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Reggie Bush to Kim K.: “I’m Focused on SuperBowl Right Now, MAYBE We Can Talk Marriage After That…”

Reggie Bush is in NO rush to walk Kim Kardashian down the aisle. Reggie is only 24 and wants to get married but way down the line. This is something that we already know and would think Kimmy Cakes would have gotten the memo but apparently she’s on some other sh*zzzz… Continue »

New Music: Game With Ray-J “P*ssy Fight”

The Game’s new track “P*ssy Fight” featuring Ray-J is a smooth diss that Jayceon hinted to a while back. The hook in itself goes at Nick Cannon’s wife, and Ray-J’s verse is… “something special”:

“I know she with Reggie Bush, but that used to be Ray-J’s Bush, She used to blow it like big kush”

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Superbowl Bound: Colts & Saints Geaux To Miami

The New Orleans Saints grabbed the NFC championship and are set to take their first trip to the Superbowl in franchise history. They’ll face off against an Indianapolis Colts that’s Superbowl bound for the second time in four years. Look under the hood for a hilarious picture of Colts fans celebrating in a “special way” and a shot of Kimmy Kakes cheering Reggie on. Continue »

Stalker Beware: Kimmy Cakes Has A Lot of Fight In Her

Kimmy Cakes has a stalker!!! Walking around with those big juicy Armenian cakes, we kinda understand why, but this guy has another thing coming if he thinks he’s gonna mess with Kim. She’s packing a restraining order and a mean left hook. Okay maybe not the second one, but pop the hood and you’ll see what we mean. Continue »

Coupled Up: Kim K and Reggie Serve Up Some Swirl Love Courtside

Kim and Reggie were spotted courtside at New Orleans Arena taking in a game looking happier than ever.  A couple more pics of Kimmy Cakes and swirlin Reggie under the hood. Continue »

True or False: Reggie Bush Will Propose to Kim Kardashian IF the Saints Win the Superbowl…

Kim Kardashian is ready to be the focus of attention since her sisters stole the spotlight for a second. In an recent interview, Kim was asked about her goals for Twenty 10 and she stated that 1st she wants Reggie to get his bling then it will be her turn.

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Coupled Up: Chocolate Reggie and Kimmy Kakes Go to Dinner

Chronic swirlers, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, were in Hollyweird last night grabbing dinner at Nobu with some friends. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

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Reggie Bush to Finally Wife-Up Kim K Over the Holidays???

Bossip has learned that Reggie Bush may be trying to propose to Kim Kardashian during the holidays. More details on the flipside. Continue »

Reggie Bush and the Cincinnati Bengals Attend Chris Henry’s Funeral

Chris Henry was laid to rest yesterday in Westwego, LA. The Cincinnati Bengals team came to pay their respects to their lost teammate. Reggie Bush also came to pay his respects along with the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Chris Henry’s fiancee, Loleini Tonga, spoke a few words along with a couple of other NFL players.

Loleini Tonga: Can’t nobody know the way I’m feeling right now. No one can explain the relationship that me and Chris had. In six years of knowing each other — through hard times, good times — we loved each other very much… People say I helped change his life. No. He changed mine.

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Reggie Bush Arriving At Chris Henry Funeral [Video]

Kimmy Cakes Feels Left Out… So, Now Reggie and Kim are Buying a House Together


Kim Kardashian has been out of the spotlight lately not because she wants to but because everyone has been on Khloe and Lamar’s heels lately. Kim and Reggie are both selling their individuals pads and decided to buy one together.

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