Who Cares About Talent?

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Apparently no one really cares about talent. Rihanna’s latest single “Take a Bow” is set to make Pop Chart history.

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Puppy Lovin Out on the Town

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Rihanna was wearing the hell out of a little spandex black miniskirt in honor of her boo Chris Brown’s 19th birthday celebration at Rebel in NYC. That little Breezy sure is one lucky fellow.


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Glo Worm

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Here is Rihanna performing at the Glow in the Dark tour with her knees all knocked. We’re sure Breezy banged that thang out after the “love in the KFC”.


Thanks Taleema/ Images via Splash

Chris Breezy Broke Off Rihanna Last Night

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Here is Rihanna acting like like she can’t wait to go back to the crib and get broke off. The couple was spotted at a KFC in Wednesday night. Although recently denying Breezy is soaking up her little panties and suggesting they are just friends, the pictures say it all.

Rihanna recently said her and Breezy are “very close”.


Images via Splash

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Rihanna Does Elle

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Rihanna on Elle

Rihanna is Elle’s cover girl of the month. A source tells Bossip that C-Breezy made a special appearance at the Glow in the Dark Concert in Houston Friday night. Apparently, he performed at the end of the N.E.R.D.’s set, but not during Rih-Rih’s. At the end of the night, Kanye gave a shout out to C-Breezy saying:

“Thanks to Chris Brown, yeah, he here too!”

Sounds like C-Breezy may have started celebrating his birthday weekend a little early with his “sister” Rih-Rih. These Hollyweird folks and their hush-hush love connections. When will it end?

Shout out to Nnete @ 97.9!!

Who Cares About Talent?

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Here is Rihanna on the cover of the June 2008 issue of Luire magazine throwing up the deuces. We know we have given you a break from the Rihanna coverage as of late, so enjoy these pics.


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Lost Without You

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C-Breezy looked all perplexed as he waited for his driver to pick him up in Beverly Hills yesterday. Our guess is he was making his way over to his boo Rih-Rih. Those two are inseparable.

C-Breezy 001C-Breezy 003C-Breezy 004

Image via Splash

Rihanna Plays Dumb

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jay-z & rih

Rihanna claims she didn’t know about JayBey’s wedding. She’s not fooling anyone:

“‘I didn’t know!” Rihanna [said] at the Escada Moon Sparkle/Island Def Jam benefit for her Believe Foundation and DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow donor center. “No one knew!'”

Whatevah. It’s nice to see that Rihanna knows how to do what she’s told. It’s clear that she loves to keep secrets. Judging by that death-ray glare she’s giving Jay-Z, we wonder if there may be a little jealousy in the air.


Jordin Sparks Outs C-Breez & Rihanna

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Rihanna, Chris & Jordin

Jordin Sparks’ ain’t playin those games. When asked if Rih-Rih and C-BReez are dating, she replied:

“Yeah, they are. It was really cool because I walked on the set and she was sitting there with Chris Brown and I was like I can’t believe she’s here. She came and she told me that she loved No Air, and that it was one of her favourite songs. It was really cool hearing that from one of my peers. She just wanted to support him.”

Thank’s Jordin. We knew those two were playing the role. Now they can squash that “brother and sister” ish.

Check out pics of C-Breezy and Rihanna arriving separately, at Rih-Rih’s Believe Benefit concert.

Rihanna @ Benefit ConcertC-Breez @ ConcertRihanna @ Benefit Concert1Chris Brown1


Images via Splash

Rihanna’s Seeing Stars

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Rihanna’s new tat

For some odd reason, Rihanna decided to get a tattoo of the Milky Way on her neck recently. Kinda looks like a rash, but we are pleased to see that she trimmed down that rat tail in the back a little. We must ask however: Would it have killed her to cover up that wart-like mole?

Rihanna’s new tat1Rihanna’s new tat2Rihanna’s new tat3

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35 Year Old N.E.R.D.

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pharrell birthday

Pharrell celebrated his 35th birthday this weekend with an eclectic cast of characters, which included Rihanna. This cat doesn’t look a day over 18. He’s obviously putting his stacks to good use.

rihanna @ pharrell’s partypharrell birthday1rihanna @ pharrell’s party 2pharrell birthday2

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Hollyweird Hustle

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rihanna w/ pooch

Here is Rihanna spotted with her accessory of the canine variety. Damn, she’s really got that Hollyweird steez on lock.

rihanna w/ pooch1rihanna w/ pooch2rihanna w/ pooch3

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Like Brother and Sister

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Here is what C Breezy and Rihanna had to say in regards to their relationship recently at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards:

Chris: “We are best friends, honestly, like brother and sister. They keep asking me, ‘What’s the deal?’ I’m like, ‘There’s no deal. No deal.’ We’re just friends.”

Rihanna:”We both started our careers around the same time. He is one of the only people in the industry … I trust and hang out with all the time. If he was a boyfriend, I would say that.”

Whatever the case my be: best friends or “brother and sister”, Little Miss Sunshine is still getting those jaws worked.

Check out the thumbnail shots. What brother and sister you know wear matching bracelets?

rihanna with braceletcbreez with bracelet


Seen on the Scene: Rihanna & Eve

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rihanna shopping

Rihanna was all incognito while shopping at the Grove earlier today. She sure does like to get her shop on, as well as her free publicity. Note her sour expression. It’s most likely it’s due to the stares of those sleazy looking dudes behind her (see thumbnails).

rihanna shopping1rihanna shopping2rihanna shopping3

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Who Looked More Bangin???

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Rihanna and Nia Long attended Nickelodeon’s 2008 Kid’s Choice Awards this weekend in LA.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin???


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