The Odd Couple

Amber Rose and Whoopi Goldberg were having a great time chopping it up at the Laura Smalls New York Fashion Week presentation last week. We wonder what the two of them could possibly have in common to talk about.

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Awww… Little Diggy is Growing Up

Diggy Simmons has been roaming around Bryant Park getting it in for Fashion Week.  He popped up at the Aston Mozie and Coco and Breezy Show with his braces off and his Andre 3000 swag turned on. We must say he’s pretty fly for a 14-year-old.

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Seen On The Scene: Camel & BDR Share A “Special Moment”

Jay-Z and Russell Simmons were in the building for the 4th Annual Bing Two Kings Dinner And After Party this weekend in Dallas. The two music moguls were spotted having a ‘close’ and ‘intimate’ conversation. No comment..

The Two Kings Dinner was apparently the place to be, because everyone and their mama was in attendance…for real!! Over 30+ pictures on the flippy!!! Continue »

Michael Jordan’s Swirl Is On Gut Full Of Human Watch!!!

Michael Jordan and his swirlin’ girlfriend Yvette Prieto were in attendance at The FABULOUS 23 Dinner in Dallas for All-Star Weekend. The two of them posed for a picture along with Chris Paul and his girlfriend Jada Crawley.

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Blood Diamond Russ Hits the Scene with his New Tenderoni

Russell Simmons was on deck for the Hope Help & Relief Haiti event at Urban Zen last night.  He decided to debut his new piece of prime young meat to the masses.  We were hoping for a change in Russell’s taste but he always seem to go after the same “type” of chick.  Check out more pics from the event including Wyclef, Mary and more on the flippy. Continue »

Was BDR’s Former Boo Still a Banger Knocked-Up???


Last week we published a “sincere letter” from old man yoga daddy Russell Simmons congratulating his ex-jawn Porschla Coleman for giving birth to Jason Kidd’s baby. Although she’s already popped, we know you all are curious to peep her big-baby-belly game was looking like…

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Which One Would You Hit???

Jamie Foxx and Jay-Z were both on the scene to honor Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards Salute To Icons event in Beverly Hills, California.  Between Jamie’s grown man suit swag and Jay-Z’s beat-it jacket get up…

Which One Would you Hit??? 

Ladies let us know what you think and peep more pics of Usher, Toni Braxton, Wyclef and more on the flippy. Continue »

Chop ‘Em, Drop ‘Em, Pass ‘Em Around: BDR’s Ex Now Jason Kidd’s BabyMama

BDR wrote another letter on his public diary… This week’s entry “My Sincerest Congratulations To Porschla Coleman & Jason Kidd For Their New Baby!” allowed BDR to dig deep down into his wise old soul and pour out nice things about his sloppy seconds, which have now been passed on to Jason Kidd. Keep reading for his ancient words of wisdom. Continue »

Happy Birthday Ming Lee! BDR’s Baby Girl Turns Ten Today

Russell Simmon’s eldest daughter, Ming Lee, turned ten today and being the proud papa that he is, BDR took to his blog to brag about her. BDR almost wrote a novel about how sweet and unbratty ML is, but we’ll spare you all the details and give you the condensed version under the hood. Continue »

Are Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Legally Married?

Kimora Lee Simmons and Amistad cover the February issue of EBONY magazine — but excerpts from the article about them have us confused over whether or not the pair is actually married. Look under the hood to catch a clip Continue »

BDR Defends Bey Bey For Shaking Cakes For Violent, Woman Beating Son Of Terrorist

Blood Diamond Russ took a break from huntin’ for new wives to defend Beyonce, who performed for Muammar al-Qaddafi’s son New Years Eve in exchange for a load of stacks. Look past the jump to read his amazed reaction to the hypocrisy of such and such Continue »

BDR’s Web Venture is Not So Global After All

Bossip is all for “getting along” with everyone, diversity, and all that but your boy BDR is taking this “Global” stuff a little too far. We noticed BDR is taking his “extreme swirl game” from the bedroom to the boardroom. Continue »

BDR’s Old Man Mack Game is Still Strong!!

Here is Uncle Russy (who is currently seeking someone to procreate with again) on vacation in St. Barth’s spitting his tight Dali Lama yoga game at some young ladies…

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BDR is Looking for a New Wife in 2010

Russell Simmons is tired of being “Old Man Meat” and is ready to settle down again. He posted a picture of his daughter Ming Lee on Twitter along with this tweet:

“I think. Its time to pick a wife, and god willing do this again.. This year .. If possible.”

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Who Swirled Harder??

After the AMA’s, Janet Jackson threw a party. Russell Simmons showed up wth his long time escort girl and Johnny Gill came faking the funk, like he enjoys womb. SMH

Who Swirled Harder??

Pop the top for Janet, Ciara, Melody Thornton and Venus Williams sporting something most people didn’t mention… her natural hair Continue »