Nick Cannon Speaks on Publicity Stunt Engagement

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Nick Cannon recently talked to People Magazine about his publicity prop fiance Selita and their non-existent wedding plans.

“I did my part! “You did what you had to do … you made the commitment. Now it’s like, let’s just enjoy this for right now.” We haven’t really talked about a lot of that stuff. You’ve got to take it slow. It’s that preparation time to see if this is what you really want.”

Let’s see, what could Selita possibly want? A few tracks, a movie role and publicity sounds about right. It looks as though Selita might have the publicity game on lock.


Who Looked More Bangin’ Selita Ebanks vs. Rosario Dawson

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Selita Ebanks hit up a Victoria Secret event in Sag Harbor, NY and Rasario Dawson hit up a DIFFA benefit in LA yesterday.


Who Looked More Bangin? Ciara vs. Selita Ebanks

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Click here to watch video of Ciara’s sick performance last night. She was doing her thang.

Selita Would Rather Wed in a Courthouse

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Via People:

“I was never that girl who dreamed of her wedding day. I’m learning all about [weddings]. The whole something new, something blue. This is all new to me, so I’m all about the wedding planner! As you can tell by the ring, he’s all about the bling and having a big wedding. Me? I’m all about the courthouse.”

The two plan to wed in a year and a half to a year. Hopefully, Nick can help Selita get her acting career going, because once married, her fu*kin for tracks days will be over.

“He’ll leave little love notes on the refrigerator. He writes the most beautiful words. I fall in love every single time he does something like that.”

There it is…Nick’s trick for bagging all the flyest women in the industry…writing beautiful words, guys take notes.

Who Looked More Bangin? Amerie vs. Rihanna

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Amerie and Rihanna attended the Entertainment Weekly Celebrates the EW 100: The Ultimate Must List Issue event last night in NYC. We must ask, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN?



Selita Ebanks, Janice Combs, Chanel Iman, Ice-T and Coco, Jade, Kate Deluna, Kat DeLuna, and Montel Williams and Tara Fowler were all spotted. D-lister’s were out in force last night. I hear DJ Khaled and Akon in my ear as the D-List anthem last night :”We taken over”.

Who Looked More Bangin???

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Selita Ebanks was at the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush toast, and Eve appeared on MTV’s Total Request Live.  This one will be judged mainly on your taste, but we still must ask…


Who Looked More Bangin??? Diddy vs. Jay-Z

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Diddy attended the CFDA Fashion Awards last night in NYC and Jay-Z attended the MTV Movie Awards in LA on Sunday.



Alicia Keys, Liya Kebede, Vanessa Williams, and Selita Ebanks also attended the CFDA Awards last night.

Who Owns It???

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Our apologies for the Rihanna overload but she was photographed wearing the same pale pink pretty dress that Selita Ebanks wore to some benefit back in April.

We must ask….Who Owns It?

How Much Did She Pay For The Rack????

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Nick Cannon’s fiancee, model Selita Ebanks, was spotted at a recent photoshoot. We will give this sham relationship a couple more weeks. A girl needs her time to get some acting work.

Exclusive: Nick Cannon Didn’t Get Shot Down

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Sources in Hollyweird exclusively tell Bossip that several celebrity websites were faked out by an alleged posting from Selita Ebanks “private” Myspace page. The fake message stated she shot Nick Cannon down when he proposed. A source snitches to Bossip that Selita said yes “right away” and “Nick and Selita already told their families, it’s on.”

Selita’s Myspace is public, click here to peep.

True or False: Union of Publicity Whores

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Are these two engaged for real this time?? Remember when they got married in Vegas in February? According to Page Six, Nick presented Selita with a 12-carat diamond ring and proposed to her after the Metropolitan Museum of Art costume gala last night. I don’t buy it. What do you think, is this True or False???Source

Update: It’s true. Young, rich, and in love. We will give it six more months. Selita needs a chance to get her acting career going.

Who Looked More Bangin???

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Selita Ebanks @ 8th Annual Free Arts New York City Benefit and Iman @ 2007 Food Bank of New York Can-Do Awards Dinner.

I know there’s almost a 30 year age difference between these two, but we still must ask…Who Looked More Bangin??

This is How Hollyweird Works

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Hollyweird 101: Hook up with someone that will help your career.

According to Victoria Secret Model Selita Ebank’s former manager/boyfriend Marc Chamblin, Selita is desperate to get her acting career on and is using Nick Cannon to get her acting career going. Marc says he just bought 15K worth of gifts from Cartier and Tiffany for Selita and spent Valentines Day with her. YOU GOT OWNED!

He goes on to say:

“She told me over the phone that she is doing this for press and she is sorry,” Chamblin e-mailed us. “I met her on the set of a Kanye West video through my ex, June. She is a home wrecker, as far as June is concerned. She pretended to be June’s friend to get to me. “She wanted to be more than a model,” Chamblin continued. “She wanted to sing at first, so I put her in the studio. But she can’t sing. Then she wanted to be an actress so I got her a publicist and an agent . . . but she can’t act, either.”

You knew it was something other than the corny jokes that helped Nick pull Selita. According People Magazine, Selita is in talks to star in the HBO comedy pilot Whitney. This is all not a big deal, Nick and Selita are getting what they want.


Nerdy Nick Cannon is Not The Only One Hittin’ This

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This week, Nerdy Nick Cannon denied he is married to Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks and of course he didn’t wife her, she is a player. A friend of Selita recently told NY Post: “She just spent Valentine’s Day with another guy who got her all this stuff from Tiffany and Cartier. She’s a player and just having fun since she signed her $17 million contract with Victoria’s Secret.”

The “having fun” part pretty much means she is getting banged by multiple dudes. Selita was spotted getting cozy with T.I. last month in Miami. Tiny wasn’t around.

I wouldn’t mind soaking up her panties a bit. What type of nerdy game is Nick spittin? It can’t be the corny jokes.

Nick Cannon Married Model in Vegas

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Via US Weekly has learned exclusively that Nick Cannon, 26, married Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks, 24, in Las Vegas last weekend. Sources say the altar-rushers were staying at the Palms Casino Resort Hotel and enjoying NBA All-Star Weekend when they decided to wed on a whim after just three weeks of dating. The couple began dating after meeting at Super Bowl weekend in Miami. Says the source, “The weird thing is when he and Kim [Kardashian] dated, he said he didn’t believe in monogamy!” The singer and actor split from Kardashian in January. Cannon and Ebanks are planning to hold a wedding reception party in L.A. this weekend, pals say. When contacted by, Cannon’s publicist, Tracy Nguyen, declined to comment

Not enough time for a good pre-nup, Selita is a banger though. We will officially take off our “nerd” title for Nick. This drive-thru wedding sounds like a publicity stunt. How long do you think this sham marriage will last?