New Shyne Music Video “Frank Mathews” [Video]

Say what you want… but Shyne is still on point lyrically.

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Shyne Po Calls In To Breakfast Club Talking Real Bad About Game “My Cheerleader” And Jay-Z Visiting Him In The Pen [Video]

Shyne holds his tongue for nobody… Continue »

Bolitically Incorrect Album: Shyne Drops “Gangland” Mixtape With More Realism Than Last 10 Years Of Music! [Video]

People are under the misconception that real music needs to have a bunch of money behind it. Talented people’s music DOESN’T NEED MUCH! Continue »

It’s All Coming Out!: Shyne Says “Diddy’s The Biggest Creep Around And That’s Why Rick Ross Hangs With Him” And Says He’s More Jewish Than Drake [Video]

Look at our boy Shyne talk about the responsibility he has with the young minority community and the destruction he contributed to. Continue »