Cori’s Illness Saved Snoop And Shante’s Matrimony-dom

Snoop Dogg and Wife Shante

Although your boy Snoop is typically one of the usual suspects in the “Isn’t He Married???” category, it appears that his marriage is ‘doing well’ due to little Cori:

Snoop Dogg has credited his daughter Cori’s battle with lupus with bringing the rapper closer to his wife Shante, insisting the life-threatening illness helped to save their faltering marriage. Continue »

Isn’t He Married?

Snoop Dogg Performs in Paris Surrounded by young girls

Snoop Dogg was havin’ enough fun in Paris to definitely let the homies have some. In France to perform live, Snoop seemed to be having a great time smoking and drinking in the club amongst plenty of young ladies. Only one thing — Isn’t He Married??? Pop the hood for more shots Continue »

Snoop Dogg Wanted To “Rent” Entire Country

snoop dogg

Snoop Dogg is surely reinventing the phrase “living large” as the rapper wants to rent an entire country for a video shoot. Details when you Continue

Seen On The Scene: Lakers Vs. Celtics Game 7

Kim Kardashian (L) and Khloe Kardashian attend Game Seven of the NBA playoff finals between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2010 NBA Playoff at Staples Center

Khloe Kardashian-Odom and sister Kim Kardashian cheered for the Lakers and Khloe’s husband Lamar last night at Game 7 of the NBA Finals where LA defeated Boston.

More images when you flip the lid… Continue »

2010 Lakers Anthem Ft Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Chino XL, Roscoe Umali, New Boyz & Ray-J “Cleveland Or Boston”

As you all know, the Lakers put a hurting on the Celtics last night to take the series to game seven. Ice Cube, DJ Felli Fel, Ray-J, Chino XL, Snoop Dogg, New Boyz, and Rosco Umali have been pumping a Laker 2010 Anthem before the East Coast Finals were even finished.

The name of the song is “Cleveland Or Boston,” but it has been updated  with Snoop to fit this series… and they go hard on Paul Pierce!

Pop it and peep Continue »

Katy Perry Ft. Snoop Dogg Official Video For “California Girls” Has Snoop Repping for All The Sellouts In Cali

Katy Perry and Snoop just dropped their “California Girls” video. We think the song has a subliminal message, but then again we have been called race baiters and conspiracy theorists… oh well…

Click Here To Watch Video Of Lady Shooting Self For Medical Attention On

Snoop Dogg Can FINALLY Go Back To The UK; Visa Granted For Visit After Longterm Ban

Snoop Dogg blunt

Rapper Snoop Dogg was finally granted access back to the United Kingdom. The ban was originally placed on the rapper after he and his entourage engaged in a 2006 scuffle at London’s Heathrow Airport. Pop the hood for details Continue

Shante Broadus Speaks With S2S: “When Snoop Wanted To Divorce Me, He Asked Me What He Should Do???”

"Shante Broadus Covers Sister 2 Sister Magazine"

Snoop Dogg… Behind every great man, they say there is a great woman and for Snoop Dogg it’s his wife, Shante Broadus. In the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, Shante Broadus graces the cover. She breaks down what it’s like to be Snoop’s wife and what life was like when her marriage was on the road to divorce.

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Chris Brown Conviction Costs Him UK Tour, Breezy Forced To Cancel Concerts After Brits Deny His Visa!

"Chris Brown Singing"

Chris Brown has been DENIED!!! The singer could not get a visa to enter the United Kingdom this week, forcing him to cancel three show dates that were scheduled to start tomorrow. Breezy’s visa was denied due to last year’s criminal conviction following his assault on Rihanna. More details when you Continue »

Which One Would You Hit??? Cudi Vs. Tip (Photos)

Kid Cudi and TI MTV Movie Awards

Kid Cudi and T.I. were in attendance at the MTV Movie Awards last night in Hollyweird. Out of these two fellas, ladies, which one would you let soak up the drawls????

Peep a gang of pics (over 30+) inside from the awards when you…. Continue »

Snoop Dogg Is Officially An “Old Head,” His Son Just Turned 16

"Corde Broadus celebrated his 16th birthday with an 80's style party including a shelltoe cake"

Happy Birthday to Corde Broadus, Snoop’s oldest son, who had an “80’s Style” Birthday party this weekend to celebrate turning 16. Pop the hood for more shots Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

Slick Rick Snoop Dogg

Slick Rick aka Rick The Ruler and Snoop Doggie Dogg bugged out backstage at a Snoop concert in NYC. Between these two old heads, ladies, which one would you let beat that thang up??? Slicky Ricky and his matching turquoise sweatshirt and Tims or Snoop and his little anorexic looking self??

More pics when you…. Continue »

Snoop Wants Tiger To Make It Work With Elin

Snoop Dogg is speaking out on Tiger Woods divorce… Ironically Snoop was on “Larry King Live” urging Tiger to reconcile with his wife Elin Nordegren. Cheetah should probably listen to the Dogg, who came close to divorce in 2004 after being unfaithful to his wife Shante. Continue

Snoop’s New Video “That Tree” Ft. Kid Cudi Looks Like An Episode Of Yo! Gabba Gabba

snoop dog kid cudi

Here are some stills from Snoop’s new video with Kid Cudi called “That Tree” where the set looks like it’s straight from an episode of Nickelodeon’s Yo! Gabba Gabba. In case you are not familiar with Yo! Gabba Gabba, here’s a little taste of Mos def on there a little bit ago.

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