New Banger: Snoop Featuring Brandy & Pharrell

Rumors are swirling that Snoop and Boss Lady are split up again… and it has something to do with these pictures. SMH

Anyway, here is a new jawn called “Special” by Snoop Featuring Brandy & Pharrell.

Brandy is coming with it lately.

Snoop Dogg Defends Gangs And Tells Non Cali Crips And Bloods To “Stay Out Of Cali Or Get Rode On”

Snoop Dogg is saying that gang life is positive… Yeah, we know. The self proclaimed “Crip” goes on to say that out of towners’ need not apply for a Cali Thug License:

“Me personally, I feel like if you banging outside of California, stay there cause if you come back to California where it originated at, we have... Continue

U.S.A. Announces It’s Done Chasing People For Chronic!


The Obama administration has stepped up and decided not to chase people for bud:

In a policy shift, the Obama administration told federal prosecutors not to go after patients who use medical marijuana or dispensaries in states where it has been legalized, as long as they comply with state and federal laws. A Justice Department official said the formal guidelines were sent on Monday in a policy change reflecting President Barack Obama’s views. The Bush administration had said… Continue »

Which One Would You Hit?? Old Head Edition

bet hip hop awards 111009

Kid N Play hit up the BET Hip Hop Awards yesterday together…ladies, which one would you let beat it up??

More pics on the flippy… Continue »

Twitter Files: Snoop, The Game & Dr. Dre Back In the Studio Blowing Chronic and Working on Detox


Seen here blowing medicinal marijuana…Snoop, Dre & Game are working on the most highly anticipated album in a while. For anyone that thought the West Coast was not officially back into the Hip Hop game, here is a picture and a quote below to dead that issue.

Pop the top and peep the statement released Continue »

Damn!!! Serena Showin Off Those Diesel Legs in a Short A$* Dress


We know you wanna have a gander at those thick Wimbledon thighs… Continue »

Isn’t He Married???? Snoop All Cozy with Some Broad in France

SMH Snoop and Broad

Wow. This dude ain’t sh*t. This is the second time Bossip has had to put this guy on blast, but unlike before, this doesn’t look like it’s a video shoot. SMH. For real.

Pop it for about 8 more pics of Snoop looking like he’s ready to chop this lady down right on the dance floor… Continue »

Snoop Wins 50 G’s and Talks About His Football League… Where He Was Scrapping In a Scrimmage the Other Day Against Some Bloods!

Snoop is seen in this video on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from last night and he wins 50 grand for his football league. He also talks about the positive impact that the league has made on the youth in So. Ca., but Snoop failed to mention that just Tuesday he was about to scrap with some Bloods in Cerritos, California… on the football field:

This Bossip Exclusive is said to have gone down like this: Continue »

Damn Snoop…Ain’t You Married Dogg?

snoop and hyna

Snoop is seen in a video below rubbing on a NAKED video “hyna” with some very loud, ashy, and scruffy hands. Damn, how is Shante viewing this one, Dogg; a normal video shoot? SMH.

Pop it and watch it… Continue »

Snoop Ends a 6 Year Rap Beef! Guess Who It’s With?


Snoop has decided to take the high road and end a rap war with an artist whose on lockdown for the next couple years! Continue »

Unheard and Unreleased Tupac Featuring Snoop


You knew that Pac had more good material in the vault and people have been dying for years over the rights. New and unheard songs are emerging, like this one with Snoop Dogg called, “If There Is a Cure, I Don’t Want It.”

*Exclusive*: Snoop D-O-Double G Takes It To The Big Screen


… The Big Screen in your house, that is… You heard it here first. Snoop Dogg is about to exercise his acting skills on a new upcoming sitcom, BROTHERS, premiering on Fox, September 18.

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Can’t Find the Weed Man? Just Use Your iPhone


Bossip just got wind of something that every half-baked, smoked-out fan would love to know.  There is a new app for iPhones that allows its users to search for “cannabis” (weed for all you hooked on phonics folks) suppliers in your area.  Read about this random ridiculousness after the jump!

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north sea jazz festival

Erykah Badu performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival this weekend, and as always, she was looking quite ‘interesting.’ More images of her Royal Queendom, another eclectic character and Snoop when you… Continue »

West Coast Rides Hard for a Fight Night

fight night5

Larenz Tate was on Sunset last night for the Fight Night 4 release party at the House of Blues. Seems like a West Coast OG party going on.

Pop it to see Warren G, Snoop, Wood Harris and more… Continue »