*Scratches Head* Soulja Boy Says His Career Was Inspired By Shakespeare

soulja boy

Soulja Boy had some interesting things to say…it’s like he…reads or something? Continue »

Yeah, We Said It: Bossip Counts Down The 10 Worst Rappers In The Game Right Now


The rap game is pretty crazy these days. People are saying that it’s full of clowns ruining it. Continue »

Happy Debt Ceiling Hump Day Pt. 2: Celebrities That Wasted Money On The DUMBEST Things

rick ross khaled

The “We’re All Gonna Be Poor” extravaganza continues! This time, we look at the dumbest expensive sh*t these people with too much money ended up spending so much cash on.

The Jet Probably Doesn’t Exist: Soulja Boy Owes The IRS $26,000 In Taxes

After rumors spread that Soulja Boy spent spent 55 milli for his birthday, the IRS came through for some collecting! Continue »

Welcome Back: Sean Kingston Celebrates His Recovery

Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy celebrate Sean's recovery

On Monday, while all of you were enjoying free bar-b-q and reflecting on your pride in being an American, Sean Kingston was celebrating life. Continue »

Making A Movie!: 10 Classic Movie Remakes Starring Rappers


Not juiced up about Soulja Boy’s remake of Juice? Continue »

Some Friday Fug

soulja boy fader

Here is Soulja Boy on the cover of Fader magazine. Continue »

On The Hot Seat: 10 Rappers That Should Go On The Bill O’Reilly Show And Make Him Look Like A Clown

bill o'reilly

Part of the job description that comes along with being one of the leaders of one of the most racist “news” organizations in the world Continue »