Eff You, Pay Me! French Production Company Fined $46 Milli For Shafting Spike Lee

spike lee celebrates

The French production company that failed to distribute Spike Lee’s film “Miracle at St. Anna” has been hit with a big money fine by a Paris court. Now that’s one helluva ho sit down, wouldn’t you say? Continue »

Question Of The Day: Spike Lee Still Wants To Know WTF Took Dubya So Long To Help New Orleans

Spike Lee President George W. Bush Katrina Survivors

Spike Lee continues to take no prisoners when it comes to former President George W. Bush! Continue »

And We Thought Shanequa Was Bad… Cute Celebrity Seeds, Crazy Names

Jermaine Jackson and Jermajesty

We all know that parents in Hollyweird can be a bit eccentric when it comes to baby names. Continue »

Catch Fade: Pinky From “Friday” Tells Spike Lee “I’ll Beat Yo Punk A$$” For Throwing Shade At Madea

clifton powell

Clifton “Will Act For Food” Powell was on the Russ Parr Morning Show this morning, tossing around a bunch of threats at Spike Lee for his earlier comments about Tyler Perry. Continue »

Famous Fans Show Up To Watch Helpless From the Sidelines As Celtics Slaughter Knicks On Their Home Court

Spike Lee Knicks

Knicks fans haven’t seen a home playoffs game in seven years and if last night was any indication, they probably could have used a couple more years of preparation. Continue »

Tyler Perry Says “They Are Trying To Kill Madea” And Tells Spike Lee “Go Straight To Hell”

Tyler Perry Spike Lee

Spike, why are you taking up all that real estate in Tyler Perry’s mind? Madea just went the HELL off! Continue »

Who Is My Hollyweird Mom???

Devin Hervey

This cutie is the only son of a Hollyweird banger who has been doing the damn thing for decades now. Can you guess who his Mom is? Continue »

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

Ciara La La Knicks Game

The Knicks faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Madison Square Garden last night and La La Vaquez-Anthony showed her team spirit. Continue »

Coupled Up: Ev And Ocho, Omarosa, Floyd Mayweather And Others At The Heat Vs. Kicks Game (Photos)

Coupled Up: AKeys And Swizz Beak Wear Matching Glittery Shoes To The Knicks Game

celebrities at the knicks game, alicia keys and swizz beatz, kanye west, spike lee, howard stern

Alicia Keys-Dean and her husband Kaseem got a lil break from baby Egypt and hit up the Knicks game last night Continue »

Quote of The Day: Spike Lee Is Talkin’ That Ish, Says The Knicks Are Gonna “Kick LeBron’s A**”

Spike Lee and son Jackson Lee cheer on the Knicks against the 76ers

Tonight, marks the first time that Lebron James and his two high-paid homies have made the trip to Madison Square Garden since they united to form the three-headed monster that is the Miami Heat. Continue »

Some Daddy Daughter Preciousness: Family Man Chris Rock Brings His Cheer Squad To The Knicks Game

Chris Rock, Malaak Compton-Rock and kids attend the Philadelphia 76ers vs NY Knicks Game at Madison Square Garden

Chris Rock and wife Malaak Compton-Rock brought all their girls out to cheer on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden yesterday. Continue »

Spike Lee Goes IN On Obama: ‘I’m Not Tryin’ To Bash My Man, But…’

Spike Lee Goes In on Obama

Spike Lee had some choice words for President Obama in his recent interview with GQ. He accused the President of mishandling the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and pulled a race card we’ve never even heard of. Continue »

Gabby Break-a-Union Comes Out to Support her Boo for All-Star But Takes No Pics With Him

Gabrielle Union was on deck for the Third Annual All-Star Luncheon which was hosted by her lover Dwyane Wade.  It’s odd to us that these two did not get one photo op together the whole night. Hmmm.

More pics of Gabby rolling solo, D-Wade, Chris Tucker and more when you pop the top. Continue »