Who Looked More Bangin???

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Tracey Edmonds and Paula Patton attended the First Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon in Cali yesterday.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin??

More images from that event:

vivicaessencewilljadaessencelisaraye notwearingwhitepaulettawashingtonessence

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Blast From The Past

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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Kiki Shephard sashaying around the stage on It’s Showtime at the Apollo. She attended the Top Money Makers in Hollywood pre-Oscar celebration in Beverly Hills last night. Good old Kiki looks exactly the same.

More images from that event:


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Fill in the Blank

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Star Jones Malaak Rock

Bobble head Star Jones and Malaak Rock attended the Safe Horizon Annual Benefit Gala last night in NYC.

Fill in the Blank: Star is checking out Malaak’s rack to make sure _______________.

Star Jones 1Malaak Rock Safe HorizonsIman Safe HorizonsVeronica Webb Safe Horizons

Venus’ “EleVen” Launch

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Venus and Serena Williams

Image via WENN

Serena Williams came out to support her sister Venus last night at the launch party for her clothing line “EleVen” at Tenjune in NYC. Damn, Serena is still trying to sex it up, and she might actually be getting good at it. Venus still has some way to go, but she is definitely looking waaaay better than she was the last time we saw her.

Serena Williams Silver DressVenus Williams GoldSerena Williams Silver Dress2

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Bedazzled Swag

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Star Jones Natalie Cole

Star Jones and Natalie Cole hit up the Mansion in Miami this weekend.  We see the bedazzled jean and sweater set…too fly.  Star is becoming quite the party animal.  We’re just waiting now to see some fun crotch shots and her dancing on tables.

In The Middle of a Knifed-Up Sandwich

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Star Jones Boris Kodjoe Vivica Fox

Boris Kodjoe, Vivica Fox, and Star Jones were at the Soul Kitchen at The Forge in Miami last night. Man, that sure is a lot of surgery stitches Boris is hugging on right there. We know he couldn’t wait to get home to Nicole.

We really wish that Vivica Fox would start dressing her age too.

Star Jones Vivica FoxStar Jones Vivica Fox Al Reynolds

Big Women Have Beef with Star Jones

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Star Jones

A Detroit organization called ‘Full and Fabulous’ claims Star Jones did them dirty after the knifed-up television host failed to appear at a scheduled charity event. They bought Star a plane ticket to Detroit but claim she used the trip to party with Al during Superbowl weekend and to plug her book.

Star’s people released the following statement against the “Full and Fabulous” non-profit organization to TMZ:

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Wilson and this for-profit Expo has chosen to so gravely distort the facts surrounding this speaking engagement for their benefit. Ms. Jones’ lecture agency William Morris was contacted on April 18, 2005 to have her speak at an Expo on February 4, 2006 for $25,000. Per the accepted terms of the deal a deposit was to be issued by the organizers on July 4, 2005 with the balance being submitted 48 hours prior to the scheduled travel date.”

Star is making it rain on them ‘full and fab’ hoes with her ‘knifed-up and fab’ look. Maybe they’re jealous of her new knifed up body, with that ‘I had 200 pounds sucked out look.

Coupled Up

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Star Jones and her hubby hit up Kenny Burns’ birthday party last night in Miami. That Al Reynolds sure is one shady looking character. Who wears an iPod to a party? He probably had his favorite gaylord tunes doing the iPod shuffle…the Village People, Wham!, and Donna Summer all in full rotation.

More pics from that event:


Where is Kim Porter? Part 26- Stuntin’ Like My Daddy

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Diddy’s kids, including ‘Lil Al B. Sure’ (Quincy),Christian, and Justin, came out to the annual ‘White Party’ held on his estate in the Hamptons last yesterday. Justin Combs was spotted earlier this year freakin a woman at a club. Lil Kim, Andre Harrell, Al and Star Reynolds, Mariah Carey, and other celebs attended the party.

Diddy to Justin: “Put those damn books down and come check out this bangin broad over here”

Justin to Diddy: “Daddy, which girl are you going to hit tonight?”


Star Jones Works Out Her Knifed-Up Body

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Star Jones was spotted in NYC this week getting her workout on with her trainer. Did she call the papparazi to take this picture?

The lawyer lied about getting gastric bypass surgery this week. You know Star has hidden cameras at the crib to watch what pops off between that trainer and Al.

Fill in The Blank: Star Jones

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Star Jones admitted to lying about getting knifed-up with gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. You mean her lazy ass didn’t exercise those 300 pounds off within a week? SMH. Via People Magazine:

Star Jones Reynolds has been candid about many issues in her life – getting fired from The View or rumors that her marriage was failing – but she’s remained mum about the secret behind her weight loss. Now, in the September issue of Glamour, she’s admitting that, yes, she had gastric bypass surgery – despite previously denying she had the procedure. Why the denial? “First, I didn’t know if the surgery would work,” she writes in the first-person essay. “I had spent my entire adult life telling everyone that I was fine with the way I looked. I never thought I’d have to explain it. “But the complete truth is, I was scared of what people might think of me.”

Jones Reynolds, 45, begins her Glamour essay on Aug. 19, 2003, the day of her surgery, and she writes, “I was so angry: How had I allowed myself to get to 307 pounds?” Tracking her weight loss over the years – peaking after she rapidly gained about 75 lbs. following her 40th birthday – Jones Reynolds describes feeling lonely and using food as a tool to fill the void. “Whenever I felt lonely, a Double Whopper with cheese became my friend. If I felt sad, six strips of bacon made me feel better.”

“Even though I claimed to be just fine with my weight, I saw how other women [colleagues] were treated like the girlfriend, while I was treated like the good friend, she writes about her first job with NBC News in 1991. “To compensate for my insecurities, I spoke louder and ate more.”

FILL IN THE BLANK: In this picture, Star was probably thinking ______________________.

D-List Love: How Long Until Mike Tyson Beats Her Ass???

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After admitting to being on rocks and going to rehab, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson seems to be doing pretty well. He was spotted at the ESPY Awards and at the Urth Cafe in Hollyweird with his new girlfriend last week. He probably met her in rehab.

We have a feeling we will find out her name in a police report pretty soon.


Images via Splash News

Fill in The Blank: Al Reynolds

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FILL IN THE BLANK: You would describe Al’s ‘Hamptons swagger’ as extremely _____________________-.

Image Source

Fill in The Blank: Al Reynolds

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Star Jones was spotted taking Al Reynolds out for his birthday over the weekend.

FILL IN THE BLANK; You would describe Al’s “short-set” and “metrosexual” style as __________________.

Fill in The Blank: Star Jones and Al Reynolds

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Star Jones and Al Reynolds attended the 133rd Kentucky Derby over the weekend.

FILL IN THE BLANK: The main problem here is ________________.

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