Dr. 10027 Awards

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To the plastic surgeons in Harlem, on 125th, the ones knifing bitches up in their apartment, please stop. Kimora has a good doctor, they should holla at her. What did they do to Star’s rack? Can you get refunds on plastic surgery? The two commercials for bad plastic surgery attended the Boost Mobile and Magic Johnson 8 Ball Challenge celebrity pool tournament yesterday at the Wynn hotel in Vegas.

Caller to Star Jones: You’re Fat and Is Your Husband Gay?

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A caller hit up Star Jones (who made our 2006 Most Annoying List) radio show and began the conversation normally but then suddenly called Star Jones fat and asked if her husband Al Reynolds is gay. Star’s response consisted of calling the man ignorant and saying he couldn’t get into the schools Al got in. SMH. Spotted@ Dlisted.

Al is one lucky dude to have wifed that thing.

BOSSIP’S List of the 10 Most Annoying Celebrities in 2006

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1. Most Annoying-Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce’s big lacefront glued-on weave has been seen everywhere in 2006 and hopefully in 2007 everyone gets a break. The industry has even manufactered a Beyonce clone. No one said Beyonce was the sharpest knife in the drawer but at least know what shoes you are wearing. Going into 2007, many Bossip readers were asking “without the Knowles machine pushing her, an above average stylist, and Jay-Z’s swagger, why is Beyonce worshipped again?

2. 25 Cent

From fake publicity stunts to promiscuously promoting the fact that he has been shot 9 times to surburban kids (we get it) or attacking Oprah Winfrey for not talking about selling crack and shooting Blacks, 25 Cent will forever be annoying.

3. Star Jones

Star’s self-admittedly Diva behavior has not been backed up by any Diva looks or Diva talent. These type of celebs usually get annoying very fast.

4. Cassie

The lack of talent factor really worked against Cassie this year. Artists can more easily get away with having no talent with Pop music but giving it a R&B feel is a definitely NO NO when you’re singing and dancing game is awful. Although Cassie has now hired top singing coaches to get herself together, she still has a very “Long Way To Go”.

5. Tina and Matthew Knowles

From those wack House of Dookie Dereon designs to hating on JHUD, the Knowles are annoying. It may be time to lean back. Oh yeah, they are ultimately responsible for #1 on the list.

6. Terrance Howard

The manpurses and the silly comments seem to prove that Terrence Howard has gone full blown Hollyweird. Being a more than good actor almost saved him from the list.

7. Kim Porter

Kim Porter who recently said that Diddy never loved Jennifer Lopez and always loved her (OK) and she knew Diddy would come back just seems a little delusional. And we thought she was smart for having all those kids and putting up with Cassie and the others.

8. Foxy Brown

From assaulting manicurists, threats of jail, probation, being kicked off radio shows, and rumors about being kicked off DefJam, 2006 was not a good year for Foxy Brown. We need to be reminded why Foxy is relevant. Maybe the Ill NaNa will be cool again if Jay-Z writes her rhymes again…but then again, his rhymes are not even working for him anymore. OK, Foxy will probably stay annoying in 2007.

9. Wendy Williams

A new show on VH1 for the Gossip Tranny is too much exposure for someone who looks like that.

10. Taye Diggs

Taye’s wacky comments on race and in particular his promiscuous generalization of Black women ensures he makes the list. Oh yeah, Taye saying if he had to sleep with a man, “it would be a well put together brotha, someone like Tyson Beckford” doesn’t help his cause. Taye who is is a self-confessed nerd can’t seem to get any cool points. Golly.

Honorable Mention:
Kanye West

Drunken antics at the MTV European awards, carving Fendi’s logo on the side of his head, and overall outlandishly crazy blurbs—“I should be in the Bible” gives Mr. West a definite nod for annoying ass clown of the year.

What is That White Sh%t? Star Jones

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That just looks sick.SMH at whatever that is on her chest.Looks like Star is missing those “The View” checks. You can also see exactly where some Dr. 10027 went into her chest. The falling Star attended the Dancing with the Stars After-Party where Vivica Fox was also in attendance.

What Was Star Jones Thinking?

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Can someone please tell me what Ms. Reynolds was thinking when she pasted fall leaves on a skirt and called it a fashion statement? I guess getting fired from The View is really affecting her.

Will Brandy Be Star Jones Replacement?

The View’s Next Star: Brandy?

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Brandy is back in the spotlight! She’s now a judge on “America’s Got Talent” and she will be filling in on The View next week, her rep told PEOPLE magazine. An insider also told PEOPLE that ABC is having different celebs come in and “fill in” and also having a try out at the same time. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for our girl Brandy.

Star Jones Says ” I Feel Like I Was Fired”

Star Jones Reynolds: I Was Fired(People)

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Star Jones Reynolds announced Tuesday on her show The View, that she would not be back for the shows tenth season. There has been talk about her leaving for months but this is the first time she announced it to the public. Many speculated that the reason for Reynolds leaving was The View’s newest addition, the loud obnoxious Rosie O’Donnell. O’Donell is known for being one Reynolds biggest critics, but Reynolds says it was not her choice to leave.

“What you don’t know is that my contract was not renewed for the tenth season,” she tells PEOPLE. “I feel like I was fired.” It seems after Reynolds lost the weight which equaled out to a whole person, she became a “diva”. Well Ms. Reynolds lets not let your ego weigh out to your former self.

No thanks