Seen on the Scene: Usher Out Enjoying the “Tameka-Free” Life

Usher hosts Vegas Magazine Mens issue event at Playboy Club whisper copy

Lil Usher seems to be out trying to get his swagger back after his ridiculous marriage to that old lady Tameka Foster. Here he is hosting a Vegas Magazine party at the playboy club in Vegas.

What do you think ladies…can Usher still get it, or has Tameka tainted him for life?????

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Tameka Foster in Drag


Tameka Foster has taken some new pics for her new clothing line. From the looks of it, they don’t look like they even fit her. If it takes that much paint to make her presentable, she should use models next time. Continue »

For the Ladies: Usher on Vegas Cover

vegas copy

Usher is the first male to ever grace the cover of Vegas. We are wondering if the reason he is on the cover is because he is rolling the dice and may get bucked for more than Nas. You think Kelis’ come up has inspired Tameka?

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Usher: “Am I Really My Baby’s Daddy?”

Usher and Son

Wow, so not only did Usher file for divorce last month but now he’s taking things a step further and seeking to establish paternity of his youngest son, Nayvid. WTF? Damn, Tameka, you really got yourself into some deep sh*t here. This soap opera is better than any mess you can find on TV.

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Tameka Foster: “Usher and I Got it in Just a Week Before He filed for Divorce


Wow, this chick just won’t stop. Tameka is still holding onto the fact that she had no idea her marriage was falling apart even though the two of them had been living separately for over a year. Continue »

Tameka’s BFF: “She Didn’t Know Usher Wanted a Divorce. It was a Total Surprise!”


Tameka’s BFF decided to drop a dime on her girl about the divorce and the liposuction surgery in Brazil. Pop the top for more Continue »

Tameka: “In My Mind, Usher and I Are Still Married”

Tameka Foster

Tameka knows she needs to get her life in check and stop living in delusional town. Usher filed divorce papers and has been living in his own place for a year. What more does this poor woman need to see before she realizes her Hollyweird marriage is done? Continue »

Usher’s Got Milk and a “Monster”

usher's got milk

Usher is moving on and quick. He’s got a new chick, a new album coming out and a new “Got Milk” ad. Boy don’t waste no time. Damn Tameka, you better get on your game. Continue »

Usher’s New Chick – Grace Miguel

Usher and Grace Miguel

Could Usher have shut down Tameka Foster because of his new older woman, Grace Miguel? She’s 42, a music executive for Def Jam and about to have her business all over the net. He’s been separated from Tameka for a year and we know Usher isn’t the one to be ridin’ solo for long. Pop the top for more

Update: Tameka: “Please Stop Printing Stuff Like This, I Have Children”


Twitter keeps the world in your business which is probably why Tameka Foster keeps spreadin’ hers every 5 minutes. She just tweeted to BDR about respecting her family during this difficult time Continue »

Tameka Foster’s Lawyer: “Don’t Get it Twisted, Tameka is an Amazing Mother and Wife”

Tameka Foster

Not that we don’t think Tameka handles her biz as a mother but as a wifey, we’re not sure she’s as stellar as her lawyer is paid to say she is. Obviously things aren’t going too great in the marriage department otherwise she’d still be wifed up with Usher. Pop the hood for more including Usher pics in NYC after the divorce announcement Continue »

*Exclusive* Insider Says: “Usher’s Throwing Tameka Under the Bus”


The drama continues. Bossip spoke with an industry insider who shed yet another side of this Usher/Tameka divorce melee:

Usher is currenty living in LA working on his album, which comes out in October. He normally not one to take many photos, however recently he’s been photographed quite often. He’s doing the same thing that Jay Z and Beyonce are doing, which is hiring photographers to take pictures that they have pre-approved. He’s trying to build positive press in his favor at the expense of his wife’s image. Continue »

Usher and Tameka Foster Divorce is the Real Deal


Despite the spin job that went out yesterday stating that Usher and Tameka were not splitting up, the truth is, the two are heading for divorce and fast. Pop the lid for all of the details Continue »

Tameka Gets Blasted on Twitter for Ush’s “Affair”


Usher has been photographed without wearing his wedding ring lately and hasn’t been seen with his wife publicly in months. This has led some to suspect that things between he and Tameka Raymond aren’t going all that well.

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Isn’t He Married?: Usher Has a New Thick Red Bone Side Piece!

usher's new piece

Usher has not been seen with Crazy Tameka since October:

For months the rumor mill said that Usher and Tameka were going downhill since her near death experience and surgery slip in Brazil. Well, Tameka and her crazy antics may have driven “Ersher” into the arms of this lady up top. The mystery lady and Usher were seen going in and out of Usher’s Santa Monica Hotel…at one in the morning last night too. There is nothing to explain or excuse Usher for bringing a pretty girl into his hotel room so late at night.

Sorry folks, but your boy is beating the chitterlings out that red bone in Cali right now. SMH

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