This is What’s Wrong with Hip-Hop

According to HipHopWired, The Game recently said the following:

“After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult?”

If you’re not in the know, 50 Cent still makes money off every The Game album you purchase. We are not sure but college or law school may have prevented the suspect contract he signed with Bugsy Curtis. Someone needs to tell ‘Game’ that not everyone from the street can be a rapper or play ball. SMH. Continue…

Attention Whores: The Game Decides to Clown Christina Milian’s Feet on Twitter

The Game is proving that he clearly has nothing to do with his time. He must have asked Dream to collaborate with him on some music and got declined because for some odd reason, he decided to cater some of his tweets to going in on Christina Milian’s feet…

Pop if for the Foolishness… Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive* Cuba Gooding Jr. Parties The Night Away With Kush And White Girls

cubadance1 copy

BOSSIP spies were in the building at hottest spot in Hollyweird last night, Guys & Dolls. We got the scoop on Cuba acting a fool in there…dancing on tables while hitting kush and smacking white girls’ booties: Continue »

Birdman Says Camel Is Not The Best Nor The Richest… Plus Jay Responds to Beanie Sigel’s Assault

baby face2

As soon as Jay-Z said he was the best and MTV named him number one on the MC List, we knew there was going to be problems. Baby says Wayne is the best and that Jay is not nearly as rich as they are. Joe Camel is not taking these assaults laying down. He responded yesterday to Beanie Sigel’s assault on him.

Pop it for Baby’s Video Rant and the Camel’s Response to Beans Continue »

The Game Wins One Against The System


Jayceon has not won a good battle in a while, so this lawsuit coming to an end must be some kind of relief:

While The Game preps for the December release of his R.E.D. album, his name’s been continually in the headlines for legal issues. As previously reported, his old legal team filed a suit in an L.A. County Superior Court claiming that… Continue

Christina Milian and The Dream Are Looking Like Parents


The Dream and C-Mili were spotted leaving LAX. We don’t know if it’s the maternity clothes and overall swag, but the two are starting to look more “parent-like” now.

Pop the top and peep Christina with the jacket off Continue »

Twitter Files: Snoop, The Game & Dr. Dre Back In the Studio Blowing Chronic and Working on Detox


Seen here blowing medicinal marijuana…Snoop, Dre & Game are working on the most highly anticipated album in a while. For anyone that thought the West Coast was not officially back into the Hip Hop game, here is a picture and a quote below to dead that issue.

Pop the top and peep the statement released Continue »

Jay-Z About The Game and His Disses: “He Is Not Competition…I’m His F*cking Idol”

game-and-jay1 copy

In the new XXL magazine, Jay-Z talks about why he feels The Game is not even worthy of a response:

“I mean, Game, I’m his f—ing idol,” Hov says in the October issue. “If you ask him and he’s being truthfully honest with you … it’s just based off his insecurities and, for the most part, pretension. That type of competition doesn’t do… Continue »

Attention Stans: The Game May Be Back…


Finally looks like BET will pick up a REAL program for their network. According to sources, BET may be in the works to pick up The Game sitcom since it was dropped by the CW in May… Continue »

Quote of The Day: The Game Dry Humps an Australian Armless Midget….Tells Her “You Can Get It Too”

dry hump copy

Damn, The Game took this to another level when he tells an armless midget in the beginning of the video… “you can get it too.” After inviting the little thing up on stage and kissing her, he then at the 3:30 mark, picks up the midget and lets her ride. SMH.

We feel so disturbed and wrong for laughing while watching this. Continue »

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: The Game’s Cousin is Finally Suing Him For Assault


The Game’s cousin is finally suing him after he beat up him and some other family members at a funeral last year… Continue »

Question of The Day: Is It Time For a “Changing Of The Guard” in Hip-Hop?”

game and jay

If you have not heard The Game’s latest quotes from yesterday, then go to Hip Hop Wired. (Or Click Here) Bossip was going to leave the beef alone today, but you Jay-Z fans are relentless and compiled a list that we just received. The Game might want to take a look at the list, because it consists of how many times The Game has said Jay’s name in a flow.

You won’t believe how long this run down is… Continue »

Hip-Hop Beef: Joe Camel Talks About Chris Brown and BET Awards Then Calls The Game a “Groupie”

Jay-Z, breezy, game

Jay-Z must be tired of the rumors and all the hoopla. He went on a radio show yesterday and talked it all out. He addresses the Chris Brown incident and apology. After doing that, he goes hard at The Game:

On whether he had Chris Brown shut out of the BET awards:

“First let me categorically… Continue »

The Game Drops New Jawn Going at Camel and Hints That Chris Brown Chopped Down Amber Rose


The Game has a new track going hard at Jay-Z  . He also hints Chris Brown chopped up Amber Rose. Continue »

The Game is Riding on Jay-Z Something Serious…


The Game does not take battling lightly, but we don’t think Joe Camel foreseen this happening. The Game is overseas and spit some “bars” at Jay-Z. Matter of fact, the crowd joins in on a chorus saying, “F*ck Jay-Z…You Old Ass N***a”!!!

Hip-Hop Beef…SMH

Click Here for the Video!!

Peep pics of Hov when you.. Continue »