Big Decisions: When Celebrities Decide To Take Their Talents Elsewhere

beyonce destiny's child

Everybody’s spent the last year “hating” on LeBron James for his parade and self-indulgent Decision where he took his talents to South Beach to suck with the Miami Heat. Continue »

Game’s Twitter Hacked, Hacker Goes At Lil Wayne and Others

The Game

West Coast rapper Game is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a hacker on Twitter. Continue »

Guess Which Rapper Is Headed To Holy Matrimony-dom With His BabyMama?

Rappers Featured

Aw shiggidy, it looks like MC matrimony-dom is on the rise. Can you guess which of these famous rappers says he’s ready to make an honest woman out of his baby mama? Continue »

Keri Hilson, Nelly And Ciara Rock The Stage At Supafest [Photos]

While Timbaland pulled out of the gig at the last minute, Hip-Hop was still represented Continue »

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: The 10 Worst Movies Starring Rappers

ice cube we there yet

From Will Smith to LL Cool J, we’ve seen rappers try their acting out to great success. Continue »

The Case Of The Ex: 10 Of The Hottest Rapper’s Ex Girlfriends

Rappers have always had some nice arm candy by their side, but have always had trouble keeping them around. Continue »

Pay Yo Bills: The Game Tried To Get Iced Out For Free

The Game jewelry

When you haven’t dropped an album in three years, and you have three kids to feed, you probably have better things to do with your dough than buy ridiculous rapper ice, right? Continue »

Lawked Up: A Gallery Of Rapper Mug Shots

dmx mug shot

Spoiler alert: rappers go to jail. A lot. The funny thing is most of them don’t get to jail until they start rapping because their tales of past thuggery are all fabricated. Continue »

The Game Rushed To The Hospital After Botched Video Shoot

The Game Gets Stitches

The Game was carted off to the hospital after attempting a cliche guitar smash during a video shoot in LA. Check out the pics of his nasty gash. Continue »