T.I.’s a Little Shook

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T.I. is wary about doing time in the big house according to Livesteez.

Rapper T. I. is getting “anxious” as he draws closer to his upcoming jail stint. The entertainer tells CNN: “I wouldn’t describe it as fear. I would describe it as more concerned. Concerned, and I am a little anxious. Sooner I get started, sooner I get finished.” T.I., real name Clifford Harris Jr., is facing a one-year prison sentence and 1,000 hours of community service after pleading guilty to illegal possession of three machine guns and two silencers following a 2007 arrest. He has since defended his actions, insisting he felt the need to protect himself against assassination since the shooting death of his assistant Philant Johnson in May 2006.

Ya’ll remember those muscle bound killers with no teeth and jail-house tats who were spitting on those kids on Scared Straight way back when? Insert T.I. as one of those kids and extend the time from a day to a year; yeah…anxious sounds about right. Good luck with that.


T.I.’s “Paper Trail” Leads the Way

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Paper Trail is headed toward platinum status:

Regaining hip-hop’s position at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 charts this week is T.I.’s Paper Trail, which has officially been certified gold selling over 568,300 copies after only seven days in stores. According to the Nielsen Soundscan, Tip may indeed be the “King of the South” as his latest effort marks the third consecutive time he’s received the No. 1 debut and the second time since 2006’s King that he’s gone gold within a week’s time span. The Grammy-winning rapper’s long-awaited sixth album offers fans a steady mix of mega superstars including Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and more, along with production by DJ Toomp, Swizz Beatz and Kanye West who created the star-studded hit “Swagger Like Us.”

T.I.’s swag is definitely on extra high at the moment. He’s sold a ton of albums in his first week and…well, that’s about it, but that is way more than enough. If you’ve checked the album out, let us know if we should help this cat get to platinum status by telling us what you think about it.


Kerry and Kravitz Get Close

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Kerry Washington and Lenny Kravitz were caught sharing a little space at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week. Kerry is flawless in that ensemble. A Certified Banger, indeed.

Sneak a peak at a few more shots of Kerry and TI performing with Rihanna under that thang when you…. Continue »

T.I.’s Living the Life… For Now

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T.I. is definitely trying to live it up before he does his bid. Here he is showing his @ss at his Myspace album release party at the Key Club in Hollyweird. He gave the audience two special little treats: a carebear looking Kanyeezy performing “Swagger Like Us,” “Love Lockdown,” and “Heartless” and a hood @ss Rihanna ‘singing’ “Live Your life.”

Get Your Own Swag

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Jim Jones responds to being left off T.I.’s “Swagger Like Us” track ft. Weezy, Jay-Z, and Kanye:

I think it was deliberate. I really do think it was deliberate; maybe in my sick twisted mind I’m a little crazy. People know who set the precedent as far as fashion in this industry and people know who damn near changed the world as far as fashion. You look at people, they went from the urban world of clothing, back when Rocawear and Sean John was cool. And then in the past 5 years I stepped in and gave them a taste of what rock and roll looks like from my side. I guess people would say from an urban side, and it seemed to catch on like wildfire, to the point that people was going to stores and asking for that Jim Jones look. Me and Juelz had Chink do our own beat, I have Weezy’s verse in my inbox right now and we kept the hook of that song because it was a sample. So we’re going to put that as a bonus track on the album, and put it to the streets. “No one on the corner got swag like you we don’t Rocawear that’s for fags like you.”

We think it is safe to say Jim Jones is acting a little broadish right now. Maybe T.I. just forgot about you, Jim, or couldn’t find you at the hair salon getting fresh cornrows. Don’t worry, we promise not to like the song (fingers crossed).

Read the full article to see how Jim Jones really feels about Jay-Z and T.I.’s swag.

T.I.’s Leather Swag

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T.I. was on the cover of Giant magazine with his leather swag in full effect. Yes, the jacket is in boys size 7/8, but the sh*t looks kinda hot. You’re alright with us, T.I. Get your paper, you big pimp, you..

Here’s a pic of T.I. and his boo 4 life, Tiny

Usher Does Paris

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Here are some pics of Usher while in Paris for their Fashion Week. Damn, it might be just us, but Usher is more boring than a sack of rotten potatoes when good ole Tameka ain’t around. She certainly adds a smidgen of spice to his life.

And perhaps he’s trying to return the favor with his new lingerie line, which he will premiere in the video for his new release, “Trading Places.” Get the full story on his new panties when you click here.

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Which One Would You Hit???

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T.I. and Fabolous hit up the Blender Music and Motion event last night in NYC.

If you HAD to hit one of these interesting fellows, Which One??

More images of T.I. and Jennifer Hudson outside 106 & Park coming up next… Continue »

Untouchable Swag

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The “pretty” cute couple came out over the weekend for TI’s 29th Birthday Party: The Untouchables Part Deux at The Biltmore. Tiny for having shat out all them kids fit that dress like it was the business, and Clifford looks like a light skinned Sammy Davis Jr. SMH.

T-Boz, Toccara, Young Dro, and others came out to party and get their plate of food…more below:

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T.I. is Making Moves With His New Clothing Line

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T.I. had a photo shoot for the release of his new clothing line, Akoo. It seems as though he has really stepped his game up in a positive way since his last run in with the law.  Go out and support a brother when the clothing line hits stores this Fall; you know his sons’ mother would really appreciate the dough.

More pics of T.I.’s photo shoot when you look under the hood… Continue »

T.I.’s Baby’s Mom Ordered to Receive More Dough

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T.I. & Sons

Judge is making Tip fork over more scrilla:

A judge on Tuesday ordered rapper T.I. to pay more child support to the mother of two of his children after she claimed he wasn’t providing enough money. Superior Court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane told the two-time Grammy winner, whose real name is Clifford Harris, to pay just over $3,000 a month to LaShon Dixon. He had been paying about $2,000 per month. The judge also said the 27-year-old performer must continue to pay for the boys to attend private school, uninsured medical bills and expenses related to the children’s extracurricular activities. Tipton Lane also awarded the couple on Tuesday joint custody of the boys, ages 7 and 8. Dixon, 28, was granted primary physical custody. The children previously spent about 40 percent of their time with the rapper.

Dixon’s attorney, Randy Kessler, said his client is still unsatisfied with the amount the judge ordered T.I. to pay but is happy to receive more child support. “Every little bit helps,” Kessler said. “She was just getting by with the children, while they lived a different life with their father. It can’t be complete opposites on the other side.”

Great, who knows what this chick is going to spend that extra stack on each month, but we know it most likely won’t be on those kids. SMH.


Hi Hater

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We don’t know what’s crackin with the leopard skin capris, but she does stay attached to Tip’s hip.  Especially since all that bull ish that popped off this weekend.  At least the couple is showing they’re still riding and not paying any mind to that “Devil” that has been slandering her.  They were seen here at the Comedy Central’s PrimeTime Emmy Awards Party…also attending were Niecy Nash, Aisha Tyler, and David Alan Grier.

More images from that event:

Tiny Doesn’t Confront Jumpoffs Via Myspace

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Former Xscape band mate and T.I.’s significant other, Tameka Cottle aka Tiny exclusively spoke with Bossip yesterday to clear all rumors certain ‘media outlets’ are saying in regards to her confronting Tip’s jumpoffs in Myspace messages. She states:

“These rumors are not true whatsoever. I am a family woman, I have kids. I would never go online and write something like that. That’s just disrespectful.”

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, Tiny was allegedly giving T.I.’s side deal the business in a Myspace message saying “I don’t care if you suck his d*ck, but I have his heart.” SMH.

We know we say a lot about Tiny and her steez, but she did handle this in a professional manner.

Quote of the Day

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T.I. clarifies his child support situation:

A lot of deceiving information has been reported regarding my recent child support proceeding. It is unfortunate that the media has been used to manipulate the circumstances and distort the facts.To clarify the recent reports, in addition to the $2000 per month I pay in cash to Lashon Dixon, the mother of my sons Domani and Messiah, I also pay for their private schooling, medical insurance, clothing, food, gifts, birthdays and extracurricular activities. Their extra-curricular activities have included football, basketball, baseball, acting lessons, summer camp, and any other activities that they express a desire to be involved in that will contribute to them leading balanced lives and developing into well rounded individuals. I have also made an attempt to help Lashon with additional payments that have included a down payment to purchase her home, purchase of an automobile for her transportation and other financial obligations. These expenses are documented and are far in excess of the $2000 cash payment that is being paid direct to Lashon. She has chosen not to work and to live 100% from her child support receipts. This is the reason for her difficulties in making ends meet for herself.

These silly ass broads make us sick. Here’s a tip, get a f*cking job. Sitting around collecting a check because you shat two kids out of your twat seven years ago is unacceptable. Kudos to T.I. for taking care of his kids.


More Dough Please

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T.I. & Sons

One of T.I.’s baby moms is taking him to court:

The mother of two of T.I.’s children has sued the platinum-selling rapper for child support, saying she is having a hard time supporting the boys and now wants a court-ordered arrangement for payment. Lashon Dixon and T.I. have known each other since they were teenagers and dated before he reached megastar status. They have two sons together, ages 7 and 8. Dixon says T.I. currently gives her about $2,000 a month to care for the boys, but now she wants to schedule a more stable stipend that is commensurate with his success. Both parties appeared in Fulton County Superior Court on Thursday.

We’re pretty sure Tiny drops more than that each time she buys a new purse, so we’re sure little Clifford can hook these boys up with a few more stacks.