Tupac Picture: Capture This

Unheard music from Tupac is always popping up, so it’s no surprise that a picture would too. When we see this, we can’t help but think that Tupac thought of himself as a field _________, it symbolizes his grind and hustle.

Tupac – No More Pain Lyrics:
Am I reaching your brain
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Talking Success and Tupac With Quincy Jones & Tyrese

Devi Dev chops it up with QD3, Quincy Jones & Tyrese about success and Tupac dumbing down his lyrics.

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Tupac Lost Interview Part 5: On the Phone With Big Suge… “Send My Little Homie Home!”

Another piece of the lost Pac tapes has surfaced and this one features a full on convo with Tupac and Suge Knight. We don’t quite know what to make out of this one…

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Tupac Lost Interview Part 4: Addresses the Allegations of Being Raped In Jail and The Problems With Black Men and Women


In this fourth installment of  the lost tapes, Tupac talks about Bill Clinton, the problem with black men and women, Chino XL saying that he got raped in jail, and a bunch more that has never been seen.

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Never Seen Tupac Shakur Interview: “The Lost Tapes” Part 3 (Explains Shooting and Diddy’s Part!)


On this Tupac tape, he talks about Diddy’s participation in his attempted assassination in NY. This is all new and never seen before…

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Never Seen Tupac Shakur Interview: “The Lost Tapes” Part 2


Tupac Shakur said some things we never knew in the first lost tape revealed on Monday. In this new tape, he says some things about Biggie that we never knew. SMH

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Never Seen Tupac Shakur Interview…”The Lost Tapes” Part 1


Damn, we thought Tupac and VIBE Magazine were dead! Pop the top and peep…Pac has a message for all people that call him…”East Coast.”

“I’ve been on the West Coast all this time. Some people be on they  d*cks so hard that they never  heard me say…I’m living on the West Coast!”

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Tupac’s Amaru Entertainment Suing For Pac Biopic

tupac-thug-life-4900917 copy

Tupac’s entertainment group is going to court for the Tupac biopic and we think they are righteous in their claim:

Lawyers for Amaru Entertainment scored a major victory against Morgan Creek Productions in the Superior Court for the State of California on Tuesday, September 1, when Judge Richard E. Rico ruled…Continue

Unheard and Unreleased Tupac Featuring Snoop


You knew that Pac had more good material in the vault and people have been dying for years over the rights. New and unheard songs are emerging, like this one with Snoop Dogg called, “If There Is a Cure, I Don’t Want It.”

Vibe’s “Best Rapper Ever” Down to the Final Four: “Jay Vs Em” and “Pac Vs Biggie”

best rapper ever

These are the final four in the Vibe “Best Rapper Ever” competition:

June 23, 2009, New York City – Who will hold the illustrious title of being The Best Rapper Ever? VIBE magazine is one step closer to announcing the winner of their 2009 The Best Rapper Ever competition with the revelation of the Final Four. More than 730,000… Continue »

Happy Birthday Tupac!


Today is our boy Pac’s Birthday. Would have been thirty eight today. R.I.P.

Pour out a little liquor!!!!

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Throwback Video of The Week:(R.I.P.) MC Breed Ft Tupac “I Gotta Get Mine”

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tupac and breed

MC Breed and Tupac are no longer here with us. Classic Hip-Hop to say the least, but all too telling of a era that we should regret.

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Tupac Sighting!

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We know our boy is long gone, but every now and then we think we spot him, still. Like this lookalike who was spotted on Bourbon street last week. He knows he could grow a little more facial hair and drop the nose ring…but he must love looking like Pac. SMH@thug love.

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Tupac’s Mom is Comin’ Out Swinging

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Afeni Shakur is not about to let them Hollyweird fools d*ck her around: Continue »

Hollyweird Thugs Go Hard At Tupac’s Mom

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Tupac & Afeni Shakur

Tupac‘s mother, Afeni Shakur, is being sued behind some shady Hollyweird dealings: Continue »