Tyra’s Stalking Julia Roberts

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Tyra just got rid of her psycho @ss stan and now she’s gettin’ her stan on with Julia Roberts. Flip the lid for more Continue »

Guess Whose Backs Are Back?

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Amber Rose and Kanye1

Kanye was all gums last night with Ball-head at “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion” Costume Institute Gala in NY. Amber Rose wore her big  mermaid dress just like every other woman, so no real cakes shots, perv’s.

Pop the top to see Tyra (at 6’8″), Tony Parker with his wife, Iman, and Justin Timberlake with Jessica Biel (again, no  real cakes on display). Continue »

UPDATE! Tyra Tones it Down

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Tyra’s psycho @ss stan just got convicted of harrassing the top model and her talk show staff. Pop the lid for more Continue »

Say It Ain’t So: America’s Next Top Model Girls Pre-handpicked?!?!?!

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Tyra Banks

Shut yo mouf, rumor has it that Tyra Banks and the rest of the ANTM fruit medley have us all fooled with these so-called open auditions, because they select who they really want to battle it out for the title in private sessions beforehand. Continue »

Tyra is Holding Auditions in Manhattan Again Despite Last Months Riot

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Tyra Banks is holding auditions for ANTM again, even after the cattle run that went down last month:

Supermodel Tyra Banks is booking another Manhattan cattle call for her reality TV show “America’s Next Top Model” – and vowing to prevent a repeat of an ugly stampede of beauties. The former Victoria’s Secret model and talk-show diva has picked April 11 for a redux of the tryouts marred last month by a panic-induced riot that sent six girls to the hospital…. Continue »

Tyra and Bristol Palin’s Ex Talk Safe Sex

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Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, rapped a taste with Tyra about how he used to get after young Palin’s tail, and did so safely. Well, most of the time:

Bristol Palin’s former fiancé and father to her child Tripp is talking about their sex life on national television. Continue »

Tyra and Her Tree Swag

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Tyra Banks was a recipient of a GLAAD Media Award last night. She reportedly came in at a whopping 6’5″ and looking something like a man. “We” were not out in abundance last night for this award, but rather sprinkled through the crowd.

Pop it to see the few and far between… Continue »

Out and About with 5-Head & Djimora

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Kimora Lee, Tyra Banks and Djimon Hounsou joke and smile as they prepare to leave Luau restuarant in Beverly Hills

Kimora Lee Simmons was spotted with BFF Tyra Banks and semi-hubby Djimon Hounsou outside of Luau Restaurant this weekend. Peep more pics of the trio and Kimora looking like she’s about to pop on her way to appear on the Larry King show right about now. Continue »

Tyra Expected to Pay Up For Model Madness

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tyra banks silly

5-Head and company are steady doing some damage control after this weekends ANTM audition fiasco: Continue »

Tyra Banks to be Honored By the Gays

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As a result of all the ridin’ she’s done on behalf of the gay community, Tyra Banks will be honored at 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards:

Former model-turned-talk show host TYRA BANKS and U.S. TV financial expert SUZE ORMAN are to be honoured at the 20th annual GLAAD Media Awards. Continue »

Tyra Banks on Abuse

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It seems as though the Chrihanna saga has brought mofos out of the woodwork to share their respective stories, and Tyra has one as well:

In the wake of pop star Rihanna’s alleged beating by singer boyfriend Chris Brown, Tyra Banks is devoting an episode of her talk show to the issue of teen dating abuse. Continue »

Calling All Shawties…

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Tyra & co. are on some new ish for the next season of ANTM: Continue »

The Perfect Valentines Gift: Vibrating Panties

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Orgasmic, sweet, vibrating panties ladies. They just appeared on the Tyra show, and our advice is to put in your order immediately.

Peep Tyra trying them out when you… Continue »

Out and About: 5Head

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Tyra Banks was spotted spending some quality time with a pregnant acquaintance – looking rather swanky if we may add. Love the shoes… We digress. For a touch of irony, peep what your boy Breezy had to say about domestic violence on the Tyra show in 2007: Continue »

Quote of The Day

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Chanel Iman covers the upcoming issue of Page Six magazine where she chats it up about her love life, relationship with mentor Big T and the melanin deficiency that’s been plaguing the fashion world:

“It’s not just black girls. It’s ethnic girls in general: Continue »