Question Of The Day: Is Black Face OK When Tyra Banks’ Show Does It???


We have been faced with the black face issue a few times recently. Your girl Tyra just did a show with black face on ANTM and we want to know how you feel about it:

Continuing the resurgence of a makeup practice long considered taboo, “America’s Next Top Model” featured a number of models painted with dark makeup to resemble bi-racial women.

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Tyra + Stripper Pole=?????

Tyra Pole2

Tyra Banks is all about pleasing her viewers and making there fantasies come true. The other day she had someone do a clonic on national TV and now she has a couple living out there sexual fantasy in front of the camera.

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Who is the Next Celeb Trying to Prove Their Good Hair???


It started with Tyra, then Oprah and now another celebrity has tweeted a picture of herself with her “real good hair.”  Curious to see who it is???  Flip the hood. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Tyra Banks is Giving Away 100,000 Coats


Tyra Banks and some of the ladies from ANTM has teamed up with, clothing brand, Aeropostale to give away 100K coats to underprivileged kids and at risk teenagers across the United States and Canada.

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Tyra Banks… Now You Know Your Real Hair is Not That Thick Boo Boo!!!


Tyra is still getting her model on… movie screen head and all. She was seen doing this shoot in the New York streets yesterday. Now Tyra has some healthy looking hair but this is not one of those shots.

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Tyra Banks Lets Lil Mama Get Her Shine On


Lil Mama talked to Tyra and discussed her only significant reason for being in the press, her impromptu crashing of the performance with Jay and Alicia:

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Chris Rock Gives Oprah the Feel Test… She’s Just as Bad as Tyra


Chris Rock and Solange stopped by the Oprah Show to talk about “Good Hair” and the negative effects that weaves and relaxers have had on black women.

Flip the hood to peep the show. Chris Rock’s one liner about the scalps of women who wear weaves being the equivalent of beat up highways, is pure comedy. Continue »

Tyra Banks Showcases 9 Year Old Little Diva Davanna On America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13


Little Diva Davanna was on the Tyra Banks Show and was told some very exciting news. Diva is a young starlet who has been showcasing her black beauty around the country for some time now.

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New Alley Cat Fight Between Chanel Iman and Sessilee Lopez


Just when we thought black model beef would take a backstage exit, it seems two new models in the game are having problems getting along. Chanel Iman and Sessilee Lopez have been getting into brawls at Fashion Week.

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Random Ridiculousness: Tyra Lets Larry King Run his Fingers Through Her Hair…


Tyra Banks went on Larry King earlier this week and talked about everything from weave to weight loss.  Pop the hood to see Larry give Tyra the feel test to see if she had a couple extra pieces in.

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Speechless Are We???


Tyra appeared on Nightline and found it difficult to answer a certain question. Flip the hood to find out what the question was. Continue »

Someone’s Out to Get Tyler… And It Ain’t Ol Harpo


A new tell all book has emerged and it’s about Tyler Perry and his many rumored relations with females in the industry including Tyra Banks and Oprah. Pop the hood for the details.

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America’s Next Top Convict

ny oxygen antm 120109

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Brittany “Bre” Scullark was arrested for disorderly conduct.

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True or False: Tyra Banks is Bald on her Edges


Yesterday was the big debut of Tyra’s weaveless head. Just in case you missed it…

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Former Assistant Suing the Wig Off Tyra Banks

tyrabanks00 copy

Tyra Banks’ old assistant is on that paper chase and has decided to sue Tyra for a little bit of change:

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