Tyra Gets Ready for National Real Hair Day


Tyra taped her first show with her “Real Hair” and some people had to feel it to believe it.

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Look What Showed Up at The Daytime Emmys


The Daytime Emmys were in full effect this past weekend in LA. Tatyana Ali hit the red carpet much to our surprise because she has nothing going on, ANYWHERE!!! Aside from hosting time to time on TV One, she’s non-existent and of course, Ms.Tyra Banks was there to pick up her 2nd Emmy.

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Twitter Files: Tyra Banks Sends a Message to All the Haters about her Real Hair…


Tyra Banks put out a statement the other day that in her new season of The Tyra Banks Show, she will be rocking her real hair. It seems that she’s been catching a little flack over these pics that were recently taken, so of course to clear it up… she tweeted it on Twitter… SMH Continue »

Tyra’s Ready to Strip…


Tyra announced that she will be dropping her lace-front for the new season of her talk show. Continue »

You Can’t Turn a Model into a Housewife…


Tyra Banks went grocery shopping at a local NYC market in Brooklyn Heights and didn’t buy one thing that requires her to f*ck up her manicure. Continue »

Look Who Showed Up…

joe jackson

Michael Jackson’s abusive Daddy Joe Jackson made an appearance at the BET Awards tonight…peep under the hood for more… Continue »

Tyra is a Thicky-kins


Dayummm, ya’ll know Tyra’s ass was lookin thick as hell at the BET Awards this year!!! Pop it for waaaaay more… Continue »

Five-Head’s Stan Enrolls in Anti-Stalking Class


Tyra’s stan is getting a slap on the wrist for all the drama he caused. An Anti-Stalking class? Fareal? What happens in that class? You learn how to not send a thousand text messages, quit drunk dialing and keep your psycho @ss at home? Continue »

Tyra Finally Gets Her PDA on With Her New Man

Tyra and John

Tyra Banks briefly broke out the hand-holding and “all boo’ed up” steez while hanging with, John Utendahl, in Hawaii. Good to see Tyra publicly displaying that she gets her panties soaked up.

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Where in the World is Tyra Banks?


Is it just us or does Tyra look like the black version of Carmen Santiago? Not sure why she’s lookin’ like she’s a spy working for the CIA but maybe its her ditch the paps steeze. Pop the lid for more pics Continue »

Young and Suspect

corbin blue

Corbin Bleu, from the High School Musical series was on the red carpet to promote his new show on the CW. We already know the dude’s curly pouf is made for TV, but come on. What’s up with that Buffalo stance and look in the eye?

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Tyra Racks Up Second Emmy Nomination

Posted by Bossip Staff


Tyra knows she so wants to be the baby Oprah. First a hit reality show and now a hit talk show, next thing you know, she’ll be starting her own network. Flip the script for more Continue »

Teyona Anderson is America’s Next Top Model

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The 12th cycle of ANTM ended last night with Teyona Anderson, the ‘edgy’ girl with the tomboyish steez, taking top billing as America’s Next Top Model. Tyra loves her some chocolate models. Flip the switch for more Continue »

Question of the Day: What is Good Hair?

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“OOOOH girl, you’ve got that good hair. You must have Indian in your family?” We’ve all heard this dumb ish before and what makes matters worse is many of us secretly believe that hair is considered ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

This issue has been floating around since the first black woman set foot in this country. We wish it would just go away but for some reason, its always brewing beneath the surface. Tyra Banks dedicated an entire show on the topic yesterday. Flip to the b-side for more Continue »

Top Model Contestant Tells Tyra She’s Knocked Up

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This ish is just ridiculous. It’s bad enough that she’s pregnant, unmarried and a reality TV reject but she’s only 18. Pop the top for more Continue »

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