Nino Finally Speaks

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Wesley Snipes Mug

Wesley Snipes, who will stand before a jury that may convict him and send him to prison for 16 years for tax fraud blames his accountants for that situation and talks about racism on the set of Blade Trinity with Entertainment Weekly:

”They positioned it like, ‘He’s irresponsible, dangerous, guilty — this is why he’s in Africa. All these things, they play into our stereotypes. People think I’m Nino Brown [his gangster character from 1991's New Jack City] or Blade. They think I’m an evil dude. The accountants say you’re entitled to a refund because of these particular rules and regulations. So you say all right…. If someone tells me I’m entitled to a refund, I’ll go for the refund! I never got a dime. I didn’t defraud the government by taking money that was not mine. We never got it!” Continue »

Blast From The Past

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It’s a slow news day and we just thought we would post this throwback pic (1995) of Wesley Snipes and J Lo back in the day.

You better believe Blade got a piece of that while she was coming up in Hollyweird.

Blast From The Past

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Wesley Snipes Great Debaters

Wesley Snipes attended the premiere of ‘The Great Debaters’ in Los Angeles last night as well as many other Hollyweird heavy hitters. This photo is a special treat for our readers who missed seeing Wesley’s lovely face each time they clicked on our former comment section. Enjoy!

Denzel and Pauletta WashingtonLauren London Great DebatersOprah Great DebatersJennifer hudson Great Debaters

More images from that event right about now… Continue »

Judge Refuses to Postpone Tax Evasion Trial for Blade

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The feds are leaning on Wesley Snipes and a judge refused to post-pone his trial for tax evasion charges. The feds allege Blade fraudulently claimed tax refunds of nearly $12 million in 1996 and 1997 for income taxes already paid.

Hopefully, Nino Brown wasn’t trying to pull off anything shady on his taxes.

Blade Has Another Kid

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Wesley Snipe’s wife Nikki gave birth to a son Monday, Alimayu Moa-T on Monday. This is the couple’s third child together. Click here for a picture of his family.


Wonder if Nikki does everything he says? Snipes who said he dated Black women all his life was previously quoted:

“I like a woman who reads. I think a number of my relationships [ended] because she didn’t read and we didn’t have anything to talk about…. But I’m not into the ones who want to jump up and fight and get loud. That’s not my flavor.”

Halle Berry and some Snow in NYC

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Halle Berry was spotted in NYC yesterday with her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. Christopher Williams, Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, David Justice, Eric Benet, Michael Ealy and now Gabriel Aubry. Maybe she should just turn her relationship selection over to Dr. Phil because this guy looks like a fraud.

Gabriel: Halle honey, I need another million for my restaurant and I need you to make another marketing appearance.

Halle: Sure

Via TMZ:

TMZ has learned that an Orange County painting company has been called to spruce up cabinets in Halle Berry’s Los Angeles home, which the Oscar winner has been remodeling for over a year. The company has been asked to merely stain the existing wood cabinets in the kitchen … with a staggering $57,000 pricetag!

The contract between the actress and all those doing work on her property has a few interesting clauses: First, any worker is prohibited to approach Berry while in the home or on the premises. Second, no one is allowed to speak to the A-list Miss B at any time. Finally, the only approved interaction is if Halle speaks to you, then you may answer Her Fineness

I guess a conversation with a lowly painter is too much to ask. SMH.

Wesley Snipes Photographed in Namibia

Via our friends over at TMZ:

Wesley Snipes was spotted in Swakopmund, Namibia posing with a local artist in a gym recently, as the actor avoids the long arm of US justice in the African nation, whether intentionally or not. The “Blade” star also signed another photo that he took with the artist with the following inscription: “From one great artist to another … long life and bright light, Wesley Snipes.”The next bright light Snipes faces, of course, might be that of U.S. marshals seeking his arrest, as he is wanted here on charges of tax fraud. Joanne Reay, one of the producers of “Gallowwalker,” the film on which Snipes is working in Nambia, told the Associated Press today, “As far as we understand, Wesley is not going to be arrested in Namibia.” What’s more, Snipes is expected to stay in Namibia until December.

According to Reay, Snipes is not staying at the same luxurious lodge at which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stayed when Jolie was pregnant and gave birth to their daughter Shiloh Nouvel this summer.

I wouldn’t expect Snipes to be coming back to the U.S. anytime soon. No need to gamble with your freedom with a trial and jury. According to the New York Daily News, producers of Snipes movie “Gallowalker” are hoping the Feds don’t come and swoop him up.

WESLEY SNIPES FOUND IN NAMIBIA: Actor shooting new film amidst indictment for tax evasion

Via Reuters:

Actor Wesley Snipes, indicted by U.S. authorities for tax fraud this week, is filming a movie in the African country of Namibia which has no extradition treaty with Washington, officials said on Friday.

“It is confirmed. He is definitely here,” Edwin Kanguatjivi, chief executive officer of the Namibia Film Commission, said by telephone. “He has been in Namibia since the end of August.”

Snipes, the star of the “Blade” movie series, is the lead actor in a new movie entitled “Gallowwalker” filming in the Namibian desert near the town of Swakopmund — the same coastal resort where Hollywood superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had their first child in May.

Would you stay in Namibia or another no extradition treaty country or take a chance of jail time, go to trial and come back to the U.S.? Ronald Isley AKA Mr. Biggs was recently sentenced to 37 months for tax evasion.

Halle Berry with Gabriel in LA

Halle Berry with her boy toy Gabriel Aubrey yesterday picking up some Holiday goodies. Halle has been “trying something new” and its not looking to so new anymore. They have been together for a while since Eric Benet fumbled.

She looks very good for her age. A little interrupted and unstable but still fly. Wonder how Halle feels about Wesley Snipes being on the lamb. If you don’t remember, Snipes used to beat her ass and one beating lead to Halle being nearly deaf in one ear.