Forget Mariah…Whitney Houston’s New CD is a Certified Banger!


Clive Davis debuted Whitney Houston’s new CD “I Look to You” last night at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC.   Continue »

Whitney Houston Versus Mariah Carey!!

whit vs mariah

There are some extremely big names in music bouncing out this summer. Two of the biggest are Mariah and Whitney; both have albums dropping within a week of each other.

Clive’s bread and butter, Whitney, has a more “down home” feel to her and looks a whole lot better these days, although we must remember that Mariah has been getting chopped down with black meat… consistently for the past year or so usually making for good R&B.

Look How Good Whitney Houston Looks On Her New Album Cover!!


We cannot believe the transformation that happened to Whitney almost immediately after she let that demon Bobby Brown go. Last night, she and Clive were debuting Whit’s new album cover for “I Look To You”. “Wow,” is all we will say about Miss Houston. It takes a strong person to kick an addiction and turn their life around; Kudos.

Pop the top to see how good she looks now… Continue »

Question of the Day: Can Whitney Houston Make a Real Comeback?

Whitney Houston

Now that Whitney appears to be off the pipe and her ribs aren’t showing anymore, she’s set to drop her album on Sept 1st. Her downward spiral to hell and back (with Bobby) has the entire music industry is wondering Continue »

Whitney Spotted Without Crack Pipe


Whitney Houston is looking good. Her hair is done and her clothes fit her. She looks like the woman we remember pre-Bobby Brown. Its so nice to see her gettin’ her life back in order. Check the expression on the airline security. Even he seems proud of Whitney’s transformation.

Pop the lid for more pics including Whitney’s newly slender and groomed daughter Bobbi Kristina Continue »

Blast From the Past: Good Times Edition

thelma and michael 2

Look at Thelma and Michael looking beyond grown at the Essence Festival in N.O. yesterday. They’re looking pretty good though. Bless their hearts, Good Times is a certified classic show that will probably be on TV forever.

Flip the script for more picturas… Continue »

Whitney Houston Drops New Jawn: “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”

whitney new one

We love seeing comebacks and Whitney’s comeback is long overdue. Whitney Houston is playing off of the fact that she was addicted to rocks.

Pop the top and take a listen. Continue »

Calling All Whitney Stans

Whitney Houston

Whitney’s new album is coming out in the early fall. Her stans have been waiting for this moment ever since the ink dried on her divorce papers from crackhead @ss Bobby Brown.

Whitney Houston’s new album will be released worldwide September 1, 2009 on Arista Records. Continue »

Whitney’s Album Finally Ready to Drop

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whitney promo

The picture up top is a supposed leaked promo picture for Whitney Houston’s new album… supposed. After clearing her association with crack monster Bobby Brown, Whitney’s album is being prepped for release soon. Pop it for more Continue »

Whitney Breaks Her Bobby Addiction with a New Man

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The former Mrs. King of R&B is on the arms of a new man. Seen out in Beverly Hills with a gorgeous mystery man, the diva is finally getting on with her life and leaving Bobby’s wack ass behind.

The 45-year-old pop star was spotted with a mystery man outside the Beverly Hills Hotel after allegedly spending the night there, reports the China Daily. Continue »

Whitney Houston Turning The Tables on Stepmother

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Whitney Houston is counter-suing her Stepmother for 1.6 milli: Continue »

Triflin’ Tales of Drugs & Kidnap With Whitney and Bobby

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Whitney and Bobby

Back in the day, Bobby Brown had an addiction that had him in a bad way with some worse individuals. They allegedly snatched that nucca up and held him for ransom, which Whitney (for some reason) paid: Continue »

Make A Decision Ray J!

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Ray J's Pieces

Certified cougar lover, Ray J, has a hard decision to make. Is he going to spend the rest of his days pulling turds out of Whitney’s @ss, or journal Lil Kim’s metamorphosis into a teeny weeny Asian rap star? Continue »

RiRi’s Knocked Up??

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Check out this “so-called” bombshell:

Rihanna was hiding a shocking secret when Chris Brown brutally beat her. Continue »

Has Whitney Finally Gotten It Together???

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Whitney and Ray J

Whitney was out with her beau, Ray-J, and it appears as though she was resting her eyes as he uhhh, unbuckled her seatbelt?? Anyway, pop the hood to check out her performance at Clive Davis’ pre-grammy party, and let us know how you think she fared. Continue »