Hide Ya Kids! Amber Rose Says Lil Willow Smith Reminds Her Of Herself As A Youngster

Amber Rose Willow Smith

Amber Rose Says Willow Smith Reminds Her Of Herself, Encourages Her To Be An Individual

We know Amber Rose means well but… does she actually think about what she’s saying before she tweets???

Amber Rose Tweets about how Willow Smith reminds her of herself

Yesterday Amber tweeted this in response to one of Willow’s old tweets.

Hit the flip to see what Willow was talking about.

Das So Precious: Lil Louis Bardo Is Bilingual Baby! Sandra Bullock’s Son Also Speaks German

Sandra Bullock and son Louis Bardo Bullock seen dropping off her two year old son Louis at pre-school

Sandra Bullock’s 2-Year-Old Son Louis Bardo Bullock Speaks German

We knew our lil Cajun cookie was talented but this is pretty incredible!

SANDRA BULLOCK’s tot son Louis is a bilingual gabber as he wows with his German-speak!!

The Oscar winner’s cute-as-a-button 2-year-old is speaking in English AND Ger­man – the native language of Sandra’s late opera singer mother, Helga Meyer.

And the little linguist’s tal­ents have been a source of some major entertainment for the 47-year-old actress – he’s picking up phrases from his famous mom and repeating them when she least expects it!

“Whenever Louis is in Sandra’s arms and he sees a photographer about to snap a photo, he says: ‘Keine bilder!’” said a source. That means “no pictures” in German.

And when Sandra was out to lunch with good friend Matthew McConaughey recently, Louis tried to put a halt to the chat­ter by shouting: “Beruhigen Sie bitte!” That’s Ger­man for “quiet, please”!

“Matthew thought it was just baby-talk, but Sandra was in hyster­ics,” said the source. “She knows her mother was smiling down on the funny incident as well.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Sandy wants Louis to be fluent in three languages – French, English and German.

When he’s old enough, she’s planning on en­rolling him at Le Lycee Francais school – the same French-speaking school that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kids have attended.

“Sandra wants the best language education possible for Louis and believes it will give him an ad­vantage later in life,” said the source. “But Sandra can’t en­roll him until he’s 3, so for now she’s looking to hire a French-speaking nanny and handling his German education herself.”

Can we just say again how much we adore this kid?


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Zonnique's birthday

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Bosh Baby shower invite

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Adrienne Bosh sonogram

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