*Exclusive For The Ladies* Kevin McCall Goes A Cappella with Donell Jones Cover! [Video]

We kicked it with Kevin McCall the other day and got some interesting footage and singing…

Poor Thang: Porsha Stewart Was “Blindsided” By Suspect Hubby Kordell’s Decision To File For Divorce


Sounds like this southern belle was in marriage hell anyway, riiiight? Continue »

Winner Miss “I’m Not Black” Devyn Of ‘The Face’ Exclusive Part 2: “I’ve Only Dreamed Of A Man As BIG As Amare Stoudemire” [Video]

Who is trying to climb this 6’2″ black denouncing tree and… chop it down?! Continue »

UnBe’Weavable’! To Whom Do These Naturally Long Locks Belong?

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 4.18.18 PM

Somebody wants y’all to know she got her own. Continue »

Dare We Ask… Who Is Blue Ivy Carter’s Real Dad? [Video]

Continue »


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