First Black Miss Israel Sits Her Sweet Cakes Next To Obama At State Dinner [Video]

Yityish Aynaw wines and dines with President Obama after becoming the first black Miss Israel. Continue »

GOP F**king Up: Marco Rubio Vid Goes Viral When He Gets Cotton Mouth Trying To Respond To SOTU! [Video]





  Continue »

It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… Wait, That’s A Damn UFO Over Kentucky! (Been Going On For Months) [Video]

What in the sam hell is that?

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What Would You Do? One Woman Shares Her Story Of Pregnancy After Being Raped

Seems Todd Akin’s comment had a huge impact on women brave enough to come out and tell their stories. Continue »

USDA Pulls Reigns On Slaughter House After This Video Shows Animal Cruelty To Cows! (Warning Disturbing) [Video]

What are they doing to the meat?:

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Obama’s Rebuttal To Rep. Todd Akins: “Rape Is Rape” In Response To Congressman’s “Legitimate Rape” Comments [Video]

Obama took it to the White House press room today and gave 20 minutes of his time to reporters. Continue »

Caught On Tape: Fisherman With No Clothes On Treads Shark Infested Waters For 20 Hours Before Being Rescued! [Video]

That Hammerhead is circling his butt!

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