Would You Use a Lettuce Facial?

Get Them Some Water, The Thirst Is Real: Celebrities Who Do The Absolute Most For Attention

Publicity thirsts

These are celebrities who want attention. They’ve talked crazy, acted a fool, lied, or shown every ounce of what God gave them in the hope that you’ll care.

Reality TV Actors: Stars Who Turned Reality Gigs Into Acting Careers


There’s more than one way to break into the entertainment industry…

Texas Pastor Bans Congregation from Wearing Weaves

Forever 21 In Hot Water After Cutting Employee Work Hours

Fashionista @ 60: Chaka Khan’s Killer Fashion Moments


#RIP Lee Thompson Young: Black Hollywood Says Goodbye


12 Of Kim Kardashian’s Best Handbag Moments


Brett Johnson, BET Founders’ Son, Launches Clothing Line

Who Knew Kerry Could Hold A Note? 15 Actors Who Can Sing


She’s not the only one. Check out these other actors who can sing.

I’m Out! 9 Celebrities Who Walked Out On Popular Shows To Good And Bad Results For Their Career

Celebrities Who Walked Out On Popular Shows

Sometimes these stars move on to bigger and better things. And sometimes…well, their careers end up at a standstill.


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