White Folks Black People Love, Part 1


You can’t deny that there are some lily white Caucasians that black folks have taken and adopted as our own.

5 Reasons We Love Khloé Kardashian, On Her 29th Birthday


Money, Power, And No Respect: Politicians Who Notoriously Cheated On Their Spouses


Politicians take an oath to serve the country with integrity when they are sworn in, but most don’t seem to feel that same obligation when it comes to their spouses.

Fab & Natural: 13 of Erykah Badu’s Best Hairstyles


Malia & Sasha Obama: 17 Candid Moments With Mom and Dad


I Have Plenty Of Black Friends: The Black Folk Who USED To Rock With Paula Deen


I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that frequently, when people are accused of racism, they always reference all of the “black friends” in their arsenal.


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