Chris Brown Defend His House Graffiti As “Freedom Of Expression”


Cee-Lo Begs Chattanooga Music Fest For Forgiveness

cee-lo was arrested back in 2001 for domestic violence against his wife

Even Miley Cyrus Is Irritated By Miley Cyrus’ Music

Miley Cyrus

Way Before That Hiatus From Music: 9 Big Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Keri Hilson Wrote


What songs have you been jamming to that she contributed to or wrote on her own? Let’s take a look and see…

7 Adorable Photos Of Janet Jackson & Tupac Shakur


9 Things You Didn’t Know About Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

15 Fashion Trends We Never Want To See Again!


Couples Who Surprisingly Survived The Reality TV Curse — So Far!


Lets look at the celeb reality couples who’ve made their love last under the scrutiny of television cameras and viewers.

Extreme Beauty: 15 Wacky Celebrity Beauty Treatments



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