Stylish TV: 9 Fab Moments of Whitley Gilbert

Jasmine Guy

Happy Father’s Day! Our Favorite Big-Screen Dads

Here are fifteen film dads who left us wishing they were in our lives too!

Missed The Last Dance: Celebrities Who Didn’t Make It To Prom


Some were too busy balling, some had already started their careers and some just couldn’t get a date.

Kanye West’s #Yeezus Album Leaks, The Internets Reacts


Father-Daughter Duos of Hollywood


Half On A Baby, Perhaps? The Benefits Of Having Children


Having children also has its variety of benefits, from physical to emotional.

Father’s Day Love!: 15 Of Our Favorite Stylish Dad’s


Where Are They Now? 10 Of Our Favorite TV Dads From Classic Black Comedies

Father's Day TV Dads

With Father’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d take a minute out to shout out some of our favorite black TV dads who made some of our favorite shows even better.

90’s Fashion: 13 Classic Style Moments with Mary J Blige


Original Queen: 11 Beautiful Vintage Shots of Chaka Khan



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