Rolling Stone Magazine Banned At 7-Eleven


Don’t Sleep! 9 Tyler Perry Movies That Aren’t That Bad


I’m here to let you know that not all of Tyler’s work is as bad as people would have you believe…

Game Changers: 15 Notable Females in Fashion

Unique Strollers: Fly, Funky Styles To Go


Curvy Closet: Maxi Dresses Under $100

Lash Art: The Bold, The Beautiful And The Freaky

lashes-model-Jessica White

Yay Or Nay? The Sneaker-Sandal-Shoe


He Really Does Have That Whip Appeal: Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Babyface Wrote And Produced


Your iPod wouldn’t be the same without the brotha. Here are a few songs by the legend that you might not have known he was behind.

Curvy-licious: Fabulous Plus-Sized Hip Hugging Dresses

women, dresses, plus sized


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