14 Impactful Hip Hop/Rap Groups from the 90’s


People Who Can’t “Sang” But Still Make Good Music


Just because a person can’t sang like some of the greats, doesn’t mean they don’t have talent and can’t make good music.

Cap And Gown Swag: Celebs Cheesing It Up In Their Throwback Graduation Photos (And Some Look A Mess…)

Celeb graduates

We all have those extra cheesy graduation photos don’t we?

Well, At Least They Tried: Notorious Celebrity Comeback Fails


But the sad reality is that comebacks are harder than we think – and certainly not wholly dependent on talent.

Ombré Spotlight: 15 Of The Best Celebrity Locks

Ombre Haircrop

Pucker Up: 11 Celebrities Who Look Fab In The Bold Lip Trend


Rob Kardashian Says: “I’m Not a Big Loser… Yet”

Rob Kardashian

Angelina Jolie Will Also Get Her Ovaries Removed



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