Almost Famous: 15 Female Celebs Who Chose Musicians


Rockstar Style: 9 Of Lenny Kravitz’s Hottest Red Carpet Moments

Lenny Kravitz

Miami Police Tackle 14-Year-Old Boy And His Puppy

boy tackled by miami police

Excuse Me Miss, Can I Have Some C**chie? My Summer Jam Struggles & Successes

Chris Brown D. Peniston

My experience at Summer Jam: As we were walking out the door to get to the ATM, a man, who appeared to be homeless, looked up at me from his spot on the ground and asked with all sincerity,

“Excuse me miss, can I have some c**chie?”

I Knoooow You See It…Or Not: Things Men Do When You’re Not Watching


Men pretty much know everything we do behind closed doors, because we tell them about it, or blog about it, or Tweet about it. But we have our ways of figuring out what the oh-so-stoic man does when nobody is looking.

They Dated? 15 Surprise Celebrity Couples


7 Celebrity Moms Go Pantsless


Style Rewind: 17 of Destiny’s Child Most Fashion-Forward Looks


I’m A Grooown Woman, But I Sing And Talk Like A Child: Celebrities With Baby Voices

Braxton Family Values at STK

Lots of celebrities have made their names with they’re baby voices.

I Was Gonna See It…On Netflix: 9 Hyped Movies That Bombed At The Box Office Starring Black (And Brown) Folks


Before “After Earth” had its struggle performance at the box office this past weekend, there were plenty of movies with big names, big hype, and big money, that failed to perform the way we thought.


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